Tyler, the Creator liberates Earl Sweatshirt from boarding school

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Earl Sweatshirt, defying his school dress code with a pretty awesome wolf t-shirt.

The young LA rap collective Odd Future announced today the freeing of Earl Sweatshirt from Choate, a competitive boarding school in Connecticut. He has received permission from the school to visit his friends while they shoot scenes for their Adult Swim pilot, but he must return by lights out at 10pm on Sunday night, and report in with his housemaster.

The rapper who is in part responsible for Odd Future's early media recognition thanks to his gross-out video and lyrics like — “I got nuts to bust/ And butts to fuck and ups to chuck and sluts to fucking uppercut” disappeared from the public conversation just as the collective he helped to define rocketed towards mass success, with Tyler, the Creator signing to XL records and affiliated group Mellow Hype signing with Fat Possum.

Earl was reportedly nabbed last night from his a capella practice, according to the young rapper, “right in the middle of our version of 'Time After Time.'” He added that “Tyler could have probably waited 'til we finished the chorus, but before I really knew what was happening, I was in a MTV chartered bus, kind of wondering if my Choate crew was going to do 'Reflection' by Christina Aguilera next, or that song from Rent.”

No word yet on whether word has leaked to Earl Sweatshirt's mom. (Please don't tell her.)