Tearist, “Closest”

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Tearist, Living: 2009-Present

That Tearist, the LA electronic duo, should choose to release a live album seems like a good way to show off the alien energy the group exudes onstage, but it's also an interesting choice since they could just as easily have dropped a massive, slickly produced series of summer bangers (sort of hate that word). It's because their music is an interplay between Yasmine Kittles' multiple-climax, virtuosic vocal performances, and William Strangeland's immaculate synthetic compositions. The initial preview for Tearist Living: 2009-Present shows off their allegiances: it's a gritty track, the sound of dance music processed through lo-fidelity live recording quality, and apparently, “multiple versions and performance tapes are spliced, mashed, layered, collapsed and collaged to create an organically flowing album.”

So instead of falling in line behind bit crushers like Crystal Castles, Tearist see themselves releasing their Early Work alla “Sonic Death, 2 x 4, or Metallic K.O.”

Sounds good to us. Also, if you thought you recognized those legs pictured above, perhaps it was in this:

(If not this.)