Week in Pop: Night Shapes, Roz & the Rice Cakes, Self Care

Sjimon Gompers

Providence, Rhode Island's radicals Roz and the Rice Cakes; press photo courtesy of Jorge Vieira Photography.


Blaketheman1000’s Blake Goldberg bringing the passion live; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Nashville, TN’s own Blaketheman1000 is lead by singer/songwriter Blake Goldberg who just released the Tokyo EP offering a first look at the video for “Vegan” directed by the artist with Kaden Vannorsdel. A duet with Katy Kirby features Blake, Kaden Vannorsdel, John Lewandowski, George Seay IV & Matt K in an exchange that is expressed from all involved parties. From the sentimental texts unsent, to carnival date adventures & the dos & don’ts of phone call etiquette (that involves avoiding the landline); the multifaceted thoughts & feeling perspectives of amour & emotion are observed with an unusual aesthetic of unrelenting honesty. The earnest aspects of the song is conveyed from the sincere & untouched deliveries to the visuals that are as warm-hearted as you might imagine from the textures & temperment at work from the song’s sweet intentions.

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Blaketheman1000’s Blake Goldberg introduced us to the “Vegan” music video with the following reflections:

This video was mostly inspired by the Foo Fighters’ video for “Long Road to Ruin”. We filmed it at our house and at the Tennessee State Fair. The video was directed by Kaden Vannorsdel and Blake Goldberg. It was shot and edited by Adele Smith. The song features guest vocals from Katy Kirby and was mixed by Harrison Smith. Our roommate, whose name is Rod Knepper, vaped the clouds during the guitar solo.

On the Tokyo EP from Blaketheman1000, terms of endearment & fancy follow along trails & tributaries that seek to quench the thirst of the soul. The opening “If I Had a Car” imagines all the possibilities that mobility can bring, that moves into the previously discussed “Vegan” single that fantasizes about romantically connecting to a fellow like-minded individual who abides by similar dietary guidelines. The title track “Tokyo” continues the Katy Kirby x Blake Goldberg duet chronicles where the two harmonize amid an expressive array of electric guitar chord rips. The EP closes with “French Fries and Spaghetti” that continues the EP’s surreal romantic motif where dates gone weird & awry blur with the everyday ennui everyday life where a missed club connection arrives full circle involving the afore-stated food items of the closing song’s own eponymous title.

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