Week in Pop: Night Shapes, Roz & the Rice Cakes, Self Care

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


From left, Sierra & Alex of Portland’s bed.; press photo courtesy of the band.

Portland’s bed. is back with the new single “Fine” that provides some intimate confessions that breeze forth like the PNW winds that rustle through the Douglas Firs & Sycamore trees. Produced at Portland’s Jackpot! Recoding Studio, Alex & Sierra strum forth earthy earnest observations that say forward with a sweetness & solemnity that sails with a softness & sentiment that possibly has the power to assuage and/or mend a broken heart.
“Fine” asserts some of the most heaviest terms of endearment with reiterations of you’re my family now that progresses in ways where guitars, vocals & gallant rhythms emerge into the picture with grace & emotive expressions. The arrangement is illustrated in a collection of desires that dwell upon the collective details about leaving a soirée too soon to the things left unsaid & the culmination of connections missed. On “Fine”, bed. hones in the focus lens to exhibit the intimacy of the most guarded expressions & bonds between two people where harmonies & dream guitars swim into one another in sublime senses.

Alex introduced the new bed. single “Fine” with the following intimate & exclusive insights:

This song is vaguely about familial communication patterns but jumps to and from random ideas and pathways as it goes along.
It started out as just the chorus and we finished writing the rest of it a few days before going into the studio to record it. Recording and mixing was done at Jackpot! in Portland with Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Jason Lytle, Sleater-Kinney) where we finished ten songs in ten days. Here is a photo of the weather conditions during that week and a half: