Week in Pop: Chancellor Warhol, Ensemble Economique, Friends in America

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Week in Pop

Sonia Stein presented the Aaron Bevan-Bailey video for “One Of Those Things” that sports production from Liam Howe with co-writing credits by Hannah Robinson. Featured off Stein’s upcoming EP available in February, Sonia’s Silver Frame production features fancy locales from Warsaw where lonely nights are illustrated with beautiful backdrops & sentiments of both isolation & an exotic exhibition of autonomy. In Stein’s own words on the song:

…the stage of denial about the end of a relationship with someone or something. You hold onto it out of comfort and fear, hoping if you wait a little longer, some semblance of what you had in the first place will show up again.

Featured off the Bay Area king’s recent double disc album D-Boy Diary 1 & 2, check out the Vallejo legend E-40’s video for “Savage” ft. Jazze Pha & Click o.g. B-Legit. E, Pha & Legit provide stories about growing up with a rusty spoon to living like a tycoon & all the boss moves in between.

Pavo Pavo presented “Ruby (Let’s Buy The Bike)” featured off ther new album Young Narrator In The Breakers available now from Bella Union & are playing Baby’s All Right November 30. The Brooklyn collective that has given you Here We Go Magic, San Fermin, Roomful of Teeth continues to bring about music to dream on with harmonies & echoes that enrich in all kinds of mystic & mysterious ways.

Behold the double tape from Skyjelly Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard from the LA imprint Doom Trip Records that serves up two different stylistic meals for the ear & mind. The first album takes you through the lo-fi void through terrains of the unknown as the second album on the second side finds Skyjelly Jones & company entertaining their most ambitious of experimentations & inventions.

Tuki Carter extolled the virtues of living dangerously with the Chilly-O video for “Texting & Driving” featured off the upcoming Tuki Toker release where the Taylor Gang emcee keeps the entire affair lively. With some heldover after Halloween production, Tuki toasts tributes to toking alongside our cell phone obsessions/addictions.

Check out “monsoon” from Minneapolis’s own Hippo Campus featured off their upcoming debut album landmark available February 24 from Grand Jury Music where they provide a DIY lyric video made with Connor Siedow that illustrates an intimate exposition of the interior that will break your heart in the most intuitive of ways.

South Florida’s own Eric Biddines takes us for a local cruise to locals with the crew from Popeyes in The Infamous JC directed video for “Whole Trunk”. Featured off the forthcoming album The Local Cafe, join Biddines in the art of waking/quaking/shaking the whole block/neighborhood with the most tricked out setup situated in the trunk of your Chevrolet scraper.

J Motor presents the following remix of “Jungle Daze” from producer Luke Million of Stranger Things fame that turns the synths & arrangements up toward a snazzier sort of style & sound.

Featured off of Eric B. For President: Term 1; Eric Bellinger presents the video for “G.O.A.T.” ft. ARoc/”In My Prime” ft. Phil Ade where we catch E.B. & co riding & rolling dirty in a wild campaign that takes you behind the closed doors of political elites & more. The discreet & not-so secret lives of politician punks get caught up in the mix of all kinds of complicated quagmires & standoffs.

Suffolk, Virginia’s BreezePark broke us off a piece of celestial serenity on the track “Paradise” feat. Zara Bash. As the Virginia underground begins to get more attention in recent days & months, BreezePark provides some of that Suffolk breeze that the bulk of us outsiders don’t know anything about as the youthful crew paints tracks in the key of life & all things illuminating & liberating.

Delve deep into the dark with the Jason Turbin video for Cadence Kid’s gothy electric “The Darkness” featuring Amber Quintero where songs of what lurks & lies beyond the allure of shadows is entertained like the secret sectors & places that exist where the candle lights have long since been extinguished.

Get down with Big Wild’s take on ZHU’s big single “Generationwhy” with their hot remix that keeps those inquiries of why & what ruminating beyond the dance floor.

Sherwood & Pinch announced the upcoming Man Vs. Sofa album available February 24 from On-U Sound vs Tectonic Recordings and you can get a first taste with the ulra-catharsis of the banger, “Retribution”.

Featured off the Bed-Stuy emcee’s forthcoming SIYAvsSIYA; Siya dropped the new track “I Know I Know” that follows up the single “My Sons” where inconvenient truths & knowledge joins to some slow tripping piano-touched rhythms. Featured on the Sisterhood of Hip-Hop reality show, Siya provides her own breathy exposition on inner reflections on others, life, lessons & self that will keep you waiting on her upcoming release.

Jai Wolf’s debut EP Kindred Spirits is available now from Mom+Pop/Foreign Family Collective & we present you with the following listen. All the feels flock together at one time with the mesmerizing “This Space In My Heart Is For You”, the seasonal sentiments of “Indian Summer”, the inertia meditations with JMR on “Gravity”, the brilliant lit pop of “Like It’s Over” featuring MNDR, the world usurping ambiance of “The World Is Ours”, to the new day rising of “Drive” featuring Chain Gang of 1974. Your holiday weekend now has even more purpose.

Fresh from their mixtape Blaze With Us, Dizzy Wright & Demrick dropped the Ace & Jordan Wozy video for “Got It Good” about relaxing, kicking back & living life like every day along with each & every moment is a Sunday afternoon.

In case you missed it, reflect to the choral acoustic grandeur of Gordi’s cover of Bon Iver’s “00000 Million” (Acapella Version) that resonate like a chamber track provided sans the lavish arrangements we come to expect from our pop epics where minimalist & vocal-only deliveries illustrate a sort of bare human sentiment that all with a heart that beats & more can connect to on one level or another.

Featured off his Daily Bread album, Scotty ATL brings us some Delta styles with “Stupid Rich” featuring production from Cory Mo. Scotty provides perspectives, flavors, sounds & reflections from the south that the rest of the northern/western/eastern territories have to hear & see.

Get down to Kllo’s “Walls To Build” (Mall Grab Remix) that provides chill instruments to dismantle barricades & barriers against peoples & general progress as a whole.

Sweden’s own beloved The Radio Dept. gifted the world this week with “We Got Game (Henning Fürst Remix)” originally off their new album Running Out Of Love from Labrador Records. The track is elevated to a skanking serenity where the greatest of game is on display in manners of sophisticated esteems & confidence.

Found off Well$’ new The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous tape, we bring you the feels of isolation & claustrophobia that collide at the same time with the trap-ghosting “XXX”.

J. Stalin along with the Bay Area duo The Mekanix presented us with a listen to some of that classic Bay slap with “Ain’t No Thing” ft. Compton AV off their recent joint On Behalf of the Streets 2. West coast rules & mentalities roll hard & deep as the crew drops some boasts & toasts to those that couldn’t make it to the occasion.

Introducing the energetic sound of Gutxi Bibang who takes on the systems of rage, downed systems & more with the chutzpah of “System Of A Gun” courtesy of the French imprint OSKAR Recordings. Heralding from Algorta near Bilbao with a Spanish heritage; Gutxi charges out the gates with a son-of-a-gun sound that possesses a force of nature that cannot be pigeonholed or restrained in any way.

Stockholm’s Elsa Carmona provided us with a listen into her world with the single “Ritual” that presents a glimpse of routines that revolve an unabashed hedonism. Descriptions of nightly dances & penchants for all evening allures & items of endless entertainment permeate throughout the track that is the perfect pre-game cut to start your evening off proper.

Husband and wife duo Solvents from Port Townsend, Wa dropped the song “Song For President Trump” that provides a song of peaceful protest with “Song for President Trump (I’m Gonna Fight)”. The twosome rages against the politics of hate & fear in a homemade video that drives the point home of dissent home via folk primitive tools of Americana expressions.

Jarrod and Emily of Solvents introduced their song & video with the following words:

We hope we can inspire folks to pick up guitars, or fucking tubas, or write poems, or take to the streets, or open up a conversation. Please put yourself out there on this one. Don’t hold your thoughts, feelings, or concerns inside you. I would think it’s pretty obvious, but this song is not about CONDONING VIOLENCE in anyway, shape or form.