Week in Pop: Amber Ryann, Proudest Ever, Sedona

Sjimon Gompers

Introducing LA by Brooklyn's breakout auteur/pop star Sedona; photographed by Mikhail Zalesky.

Amber Ryann

LA’s rising star Amber Ryann; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Los Angeles remains the pinnacle empire for the entertainment industry where everything from identity & eclectic innovation play out on the big stage. And though for many it is synonymous with the Hollywood glitz & glamor buzz, it remains a hotbed for upstarts to rise up to challenge the previously established traditions & functions of everything from style, media genre to the very aesthetic mediums of sound & vision alike. Doing things her way, we bring you the world of Amber Ryann who stakes a claim for artistic autonomy & independence where the platform of rhythm & blues are utilized like a paper canvas to pen pop that resonates like a contemporary manifesto. In Ryann’s world, lyrical language is used to spell out double-edged truths that are not intended to be convenient but rather to assert confidence & the power of being her own confidant.

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Amber Ryann presents the world premiere of the visuals for the fresh single of farewells & frank exchanges that play out on “Bye Now”. Sharing confessionals at the organ keys amid an array of balloons, employed world play that riffs off the track title alludes to both gestures of parting & the knowledge that should be gleaned from all involved parties by now. Featured off the debut Voice Memos EP, Amber tells a former significant other goodbye while reiterating the obvious signs that they should have taken into account all along. The video features Ryann attending her own party populated by a guest list of polka-dotted balloons as guests of honor as the narrative of uneven & unrequited affections are sung in a series of exhibits A through Z. Singing out a healthy dose of reality in-between puffs in a low-lit room, Amber presents points of focuses lost where feelings of vulnerability embolden the artist to go it alone with a single solitary balloon as her date. Matters of missed substantial connections are recounted through sure assertions where the song & video motif of letting go is further symbolized by the end where Ryann’s black balloon with white polka dots is eventually let loose to be claimed by the wayward embrace of the wandering breeze of the Los Angeles wind.

Amber Ryann discussed the double meanings involved with “Bye Now” in the following insightful exclusive:

The entendre behind “Bye Now” was predominantly accidental but somehow played into the scenario of the song. I feel as though some if not must of us come to a point in adulthood where we realize if we aren’t accepted for all of whom we are in a romantic relationship over time, it most likely is not worth the compromise. The song conceptualizes the reality of relationships and the ultimatums associated with some one with that mentality.

Screen still from Amber Ryann’s video for “Bye Now”; courtesy of the artist.

I’m basically saying you can’t only love me for my good side, you can’t only love our physical chemistry. Bickering naturally happens, but sometimes it’s like you just end up picking at each others personalities, finding all the weak spots and making up new reasons to fuel the anger along the way. There are things that make us imperfect characteristically, but you can’t use that as a weapon. You should of know these things about some one you commit your time to. It’s almost like you should of known this about me by now or bye now I don’t need that.

Amber Ryann’s Voice Memos EP is available now.

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