Week in Pop: Amber Ryann, Proudest Ever, Sedona

Sjimon Gompers

Introducing LA by Brooklyn's breakout auteur/pop star Sedona; photographed by Mikhail Zalesky.

Femme Equation

Introducing Femme Equation’s Lina Westin; photographed by Inga Beckmann.

Femme Equation is Gävle, Sweden by way of Berlin artist Lina Westin who announced the upcoming album Enigmatical, written/produced in Costa Rica, California & Sweden available February 16 via Lab259. Known from her previous psych band Caviare Days, Westin introduces Femme Equation with the response to the elusive query of what do you do with an answer, when you can not find the question?

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Femme Equation is a mathematical project. I call it transcendental pop, because I create songs about dust that got stuck in my nervous system. I meditate on situations that still linger in my subconscious and deal with it by writing melodies. It is private but still very distant. A part of me, but still not. Most melodies came to me in dreams, like beautiful answers to questions I was not aware of that I had. Femme Equation was born because of these questions, and the math was done by producing the songs.

Presenting the world premiere for the Dominik Wojcik video for the title track “Enigmatical”, Lina takes the audience to her elusive & private world of enchantment. Emotions rise up from the unconscious as unresolved algorithms & other esoteric items from the depths of thought & memory are raised to the surface. Encounters & understandings of others are mused about in restrained rhythms that recall the truths that exist beyond the mind over matter overrides. Lina ponders the wishes for others to drop their veiled problematic acts & gestures in the desire for a realness of exchanges & dialogue that is beyond the pomp of guarded fronts. The Femme Equation aesthetic breaks down the smoke & mirrors of consciousness for a discourse & dance that is beyond the troubled binary modes of human engagement & interpersonal operations. Femme Equation breaks the collegiate conceits of textbook interaction that seeks something that is more pertinent, immediate & personal that is outside the pedantic of the patriarchal pretenses.

On the stairs with Femme Equation’s Lina Westin; photographed by Inga Beckmann.

Lina Westin of Femme Equation provided the following exclusive insights on the making of the video for “Enigmatical”:

I was pissed off at the photographer when shooting the video. He, Dominik Wojcik, is a very good friend and we had gotten into an argument earlier during the day. He was late to the location too. That anger was maybe needed to create the vibration that runs through the video. We were shooting the whole night at my friends place in Berlin. In the end we just laughed at the situation. And it turned out magical.

Femme Equation’s Enigmatical will be available February 16 via Lab259, pre-order available now via iTunes.

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