Week in Pop: Amber Ryann, Proudest Ever, Sedona

Sjimon Gompers

Introducing LA by Brooklyn's breakout auteur/pop star Sedona; photographed by Mikhail Zalesky.

Lunar Twin

Over the moon with Lunar Twin; photographed by Lincoln Murphy for Desert Heat Photography.

Heralding from Hawaii, Los Angeles & Salt Lake City respectively—Lunar Twin’s Christopher Murphy & Bryce Boudreau create serene sounds that coast from land, sea & upwards toward the celestial dimensions. The duo fashions creative dream machines that bring the cosmos a little closer to us to stir feelings of holidays not yet named or placed on either the lunar or solar calendars. From their most recent Moon Sound Records album Night Tides, Lunar Twin presents the world premiere of their Simona Lonardo-directed video for “Coral Sea”. Filmed in locals from the islands of Hawaii, Kauai & Maui by Sarah Higgins & Kathy Boyd, along with footage shot in Beneveto, Italy by Simona Lonardo & Nicoletta Silvestri—the globe gathered visuals lend further feelings from a song that reverberates between heaven, earth & sea to glimmering sea.

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The cinematic lens for “Coral Sea” moves from breathtaking mountain-scapes, lush forests to the oceanic depths that showcase new blue worlds of life & eco systems. In a similar sense to how Boudreau & Murphy’s siren synth songs span myriad sensations that strike with the feelings of swimming across sea & hiking across grandiose expanses of land; Italian director Simona Lonardo emulates those sentiments in the visual senses that transports the audience to those locations. The video is almost everything you imagined it would be, as Lonardo taps into the core of our imagination to create an illuminated art house slice of cinema that sends Lunar Twin’s song soaring in a mesmerizing feast for the eyes, mind & ears. From mountaintop meditations to deep diving into the depths of blue waters, schools of exotic fishes & the coral that lies on the ocean floor—Bryce & Chris’s ethereal pop masterpiece is complimented with a movie of wondrous & illustrious majesty that makes for an unforgettable & international experience.

Director Simona Lonardo, along with Lunar Twin’s Christopher Murphy & Bryce Boudreau provided their following reflections on the making of the video for “Coral Sea”:

Simona Lonardo

When I make a video I try to work with an image.. an aesthetic. Not on an idea in particular,there is no screenplay. I listened to the music of Lunar Twin a lot and then my imagination… does the rest.

Christopher Murphy

We had seen the music video she did for are friend the Italian band ‘Unruly Girls’ and some of her still photography. We really liked her style and were excited at the chance to collaborate.

Bryce Boudreau

The mystery and elegance of Simona’s video is really inspiring she has crafted a great vision for the song.

Lunar Twin’s album Night Tides is available now via Moon Sound Records.

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