Week in Pop: Horse Girl, Kim Gray, Yuzima

Sjimon Gompers

Pop music's DIY mares that will not be tamed for no one—Boston's own Horse Girl; press photo courtesy of the band.

Kirin J Callinan’s Week in Pop

Kirin J Callinan live in the act; photographed by Coen Rees.

Kirin J Callinan recently released the album Bravado through Terrible Records/Siberia & we could not be more excited to present the iconic artist’s following exclusive Week in Pop guest selections:

G’day, tis my week in pop.

The cool cult of Kirin J Callinan; photographed by Coen Rees.

Mary Margaret O’Hara, “When You Know Why You’re Happy” (live)

First up I’m including not one or two but three Mary Margaret O’Hara clips here; I only recently discovered her ’88 album Miss America and I’ve been listening to it daily, religiously, actually, ever since.

Open, expressive & completely unique—improvised within a structure—it reminds me of a dominant yet hard to define feeling I had when I first started making solo music, and of the vague ideals I want to preserve in my music today.

Candid moments with Kirin J Callinan; photographed by Coen Rees.

Mary Margaret O’Hara, “Body’s in Trouble”

Kirin J Callinan at Baby’s All Right; photographed by Coen Rees.

Mary Margaret O’Hara, “Don’t Be Afraid” September Songs

The great Kirin J Callinan; photographed by Chandler Elena.

Flying Pickets, “Only You” 1984

Watchin’ n listening to Mary’s got me thinking a lot about expression through voice, which I’m gunna make the theme o this playlist.

Here’s an all time favorite vocal performance, kinda, that was shown to me a few years back by my old friend & giant of Australian songwriting, Jack Ladder. One of the all time television performances too…

Kirin J Callinan rocking SF; photographed by Chandler Elena.

Loituma, “Ievan Polkka” (Eva’s Polka) 1996

And now for something same same but completely different.

Kirin J Callinan live at The Independent in SF; photographed by Chandler Elena.

Molly Lewis, “Gluck Melodie”

That previous clip, Ievan Polkka, was shown to me by somebody I love, madly, and I’m going to share with you all one of her performances now, doing something entirely different. Effortless, timeless, perhaps the most ancient & pure of all the instruments—the human whistle—this is Molly Lewis performing “Gluck Melodie”.

Out of the shadows with Kirin J Callinan; photographed by Jade Park.

Weyes Blood, “Used To Be”

Me good mate Natalie Merring aka Weyes Blood, whom I’ve had the privilege of making music with, singing some songs together & sharing some stages as well.

After our show together in the Spiegeltent of Sydney Festival 2017 we hit the great karaoke scene at The Royal Hotel Bondi where she delivered an all time, absolute ripping rendition of Unchained Melody that had the whole room on their feet, in full voice, even reduced to tears. Here’s two of her original compositions cause I couldn’t split em. An incredible contemporary voice.

Kirin J Callinan live; photographed by Jade Park.

Weyes Blood, “Generation Why”

All the pretty, flashing lights adorning Kirin J Callinan; photographed by Jade Park.

Rare Silk, “Storm”

Shown to me by my lil’ brother Tex (Crick, “Between Cruel & Tender” out now on Flexible Records) Rare Silk are a strange, singular American jazz vocal ensemble…nominated for a number of Grammy’s for their debut album, only to have since drifted into the annals of history, leaving an elusive legacy. All three of their albums have their moments—this being one o the deeper cuts. Sublime.

Crouching tiger, Kirin J Callinan; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Milli Vanilli, “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You”

A group that I very much appreciate, they represent for me both pure comedy & tragedy, this being arguably my favorite song & video of their’s—a group that didn’t write or sing their own tunes, mimed them live and, in a sold their souls to the devil kinda twist, went from the top o’ the tops to bottom o’ the bottle, losing it all & paying the ultimate price. This song also features my favorite all time midi sax solo, ’bout 3 minutes 15 seconds in.

Posing with plenty of poise—Kirin J Callinan; photographed by Cara Robbins.

Luther VanDross, “A House is not a Home” (Live)

The great man.

Up close & personal with Kirin J Callinan; press photo.

Minnie Riperton, “Lovin’ You” (Live 1975)

The great woman.

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