Week in Pop: Horse Girl, Kim Gray, Yuzima

Sjimon Gompers

Pop music's DIY mares that will not be tamed for no one—Boston's own Horse Girl; press photo courtesy of the band.


The latest voices of resistance, dissonance & truths courtesy of YUZIMA; press photo.


Taking inspiration from Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” (a longtime favorite) to the Paisley Park icons’s own “Purple Rain”—NYC’s denizen of musical discord Yuzima returns with more ringing choruses of dissent with the new single “Messy” dealing directly with the slop & scum that our civic world is contending with. No stranger to tackling the convention & pigeonholing merchants of mediocrity, Yuzima carries forth a campaign of dissent that adheres to the tried & true testimonials of heroes & rails against the messiness of our weird world leadership that currently displays a very weak stewardship model for anyone to aspire toward. Through the common era collusions, contusions & mass media confusions; these corrosive, systematic disregard for all Americans that are not part of the one percent ask for an answer of resistance against draconian forces that are beyond anything we could imagine.

“Messy” begins with Yuzima descending his electric chords into the ether of deconstruction where reckoning with reality and the political precedent sets in. Electrical enrichment of atmospheres coast through with a strong degree of solemnity that provides movements of pause to possibly better make sense of our world (which feels more so these days impossible to understand, let alone begin to comprehend). Yuzima operates on an axis of immediacy that tells the forces that be to clean up their act, behave in more conscientious manner in the wake of broken justice, unwarranted & unjust assault, to rampant abuses by American police forces experienced from coast to coast. Through defiant & duly noted criticisms of the constant trickle down effect that continues to corrode the integrity of our civil, civic, economic, cultural landscapes; Yuzima fights fire with fire & a whole lot of a due creative diligence.

Yuzima offered the following reflections on the new single “Messy”:

There’s a corruption of America’s soul right now—a battle of good and evil. People have become very messy, and I’ve got the receipts. I wanted to talk about blood in this song; f*cked up police who mistreat people, hateful juries that don’t care about black lives and bigots who don’t care about gay and trans people or respecting women. It’s time to revolutionize and stop giving corruption credence. A lot of it is in what we say and what we think and not giving ignorance a pass. This is a lighters up anthem for pushing through the darkness.

Listen to more from Yuzima via Soundcloud.

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