Week in Pop: Kleenrz, Liphemra, WEAVE!

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This week saw Girls bro Chris Owen announce his departure from the band, Iggy Pop and Bethany Coast collaborating on the track “Let's Boot and Rally” for that showTrue Blood that somebody still cares about somewhere. Radiohead shows no sign of stopping with Steve Reich and Jack White recording seshes hot in the gossip mills. But biggest news of all, barely in the wake of Anderson '360' Cooper blowing off the closet door, was Frank Ocean stepping out and becoming the first major hip-hop artist to declare an attraction to the same sex. But let us explore what else has been happening, now that the festive firework munition piles have been depleted, in no particular order.

LA's Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroo are Nguzunguzu and this week saw the release of their Warm Pulse EP from Hippos in Tanks. You can stream all the action here. The digital is out now and the physical copies come in August 14. Get it on the production sounds of 2011, 2012, 2013 and maybe 2014, but we got to check with our legal department for further future tenses.

DJ Touré presents Freestyle Sessions: Episode 1 featuring Erk Tha Jerk on the mic sharing verse over some some summer time beats. Catch Hiero's clutch behnd the decks, DJ Touré in his upcoming album, Touré's Theory: Session One coming later this year.

After dropping Jeans Wilder's awesome Selector feature this week, we had to get more love with his lazy coastal pitch shifter “Blue Dream” accompanied by blue sky, palm trees and sea foam visuals.

Oddissee dropped another cut with “The Need Superficial” fresh from his debut People Hear What They See available now from the Mello Music Group. Last heard rocking Goodle's grand unveiling of the Nexus Q; “Superficial” moves with Oddissee commanding both the bright new day vintage horn productions while recounting some fake ass partners.

Liphemra introduced us to their new single “Young” which begins with the slide of strings before giving chartering into the unknown with urges to “come on, alright let's go, got to work a little harder, get up, alright, come on, got to go a little farther.” Liphemra then establishes a kinetic topographical foundation bed of keys, guitars and a series of segments that give way to the bummed-out reminiscences of “when we were young, when we were young are parents always told us life would be no fun.”

If you enjoyed Alice Cohen's “Cascading Keys”, which you should have, then get a listen to the Casimer & Casimir Remix. Alice's album Pink Keys is out now from Olde English Spelling Bee & Crinoline Records.

Parallel Thought released the Articulation EP for free featuring Caness on the mic, serving up an opening ceremony precursor to the upcoming instrumental wonder Art Of Sound dropping July 24.

I know you know we know you love the new Work Drugs track “Pluto.” Get ready to start racking up the neo-Philly-space-disconoise complaints because Work Drugs' Absolute Bearing is out July 10 on Bobby Cahn Records.

Matthew Dear's video for “Her Fantasy” directed by Tommy O'Have paying homage to the great Kenneth Anger with great bright lights and colors.

Tropic of Cancer returns one last time to Room 205 for a performance of “A Color”. And as a sign of goodwill and maybe even a hint of a sunny day within the world of TOC; much of this video treatment is shot in living color.

Grab your first listen to d'Eon's new album LP, out now from Hippos in Tanks and reverberating through your ears, heart and soul here.

Kitsuné's Gildas Loaec & Jerry Bouthier's have released their summer Soleil Mix this week and we got a limited stream available for you right here:

As the album streams keep on coming, be one of the lucky first few to hear the band formerly known as YellowFever; Deep Time's self-titled that comes out July 10 from Hardly Art.

A-Wax dropped a remix of “Fly Pelican” that gets French Montana, Chinx Drugz and Styles P all involved in the game.

Because you're not too cool to listen to Girl in a Coma's cover of “Heatwave”: measure it up to the '64 Vandellas' original.

TEEN dropped the video for “Better” from their forthcoming Carparck album In Limbo coming August 28 from Carpark. The video was shot by the band on a handheld flip camera to capture the essence of summer 2012 while Janis Vogel provided editing duties.

Opossum released the Sam Kristofski directed video for “Fly” which features explorers with remote control fembots and a random UFO invasion. Look for the album Electric Hawaii coming out August 7.

Future Twin's moped friendly “Lockits” is the “Biff Bang Pow” for those who prefer to ingest the exhaust from Puchs versus Piaggios. Brace for your future self beckoning you to seek out Future Twin Deluxe and Resist 7-inch this July 31.

Theophilus London released Rose Island Vol. 1 without fees, borders, or reservations – but poolside bottle service is complimentary. Following up 2010's I Want You, he releases this mix with the following questionaire statement of 'Name: TL, Place: Nolita, NYC Age: 24 Fav color: Red, Repping: Lvrs, Likes: Steak, Versace, Timbalands, Air Jordans, Fav city: Rose island, Sex: Yes.'

Careful brings more tales from the deep recesses of the unconscious with the song “I Had a Kid” that explains the numerous reasons why anyone procreates in this day and age in the name of family expansion, purpose and he never ending headaches, heartaches and what have yous attached. Eric Lindley will release his solo project as Careful August 21 with the album Because I Am Always Talking.

In keeping up with official leaks from the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute Just Tell Me That You Want Me we give you Lykke Li's beautiful cover of “Silver Springs.”

Natural Child dropped their track “B$G P$MP$N” for you to boogie down to from their forthcoming LP Hard in Heaven, clocking you in the kisser September 11 from the gracious folks at Burger Records. If you need more NC action, we recomend you seek out their LP For the Love of the Game released earlier this year.

MNDR gets their track “#1 in Heaven” remixed, rewashed by Physical Therapy. Brooklyn producer spins the NYC duo into a time capsule from some of those most sonic music forgotten to be blessed by Alan Moulder and Flood.

The Kleenrz are made up of Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal who bring us the video for “Filthy” animated by James Reitano (of Cut Chemist, Kool Keith, Madvillain video fame). Kenny delivers the beats and cleaning supplies while Jupiter explains in the calmest deep bass baritone the matter of facts behind cleaning up the messes around him. Their upcoming EP features spots from MURS, Nocando, Volume 10, Abstract Rude, Subtitle, Gajah, Alpha MC, Shing02, DJ Prolifix and Fanny Franklin. Look out for The Kleenerz self-titled EP July 31from Hellfyre Club.

Dub Pistols released their album and dropped the single “Countermeasure” equipped with some fun synthetic horn taps. You can get their new album Worshipping the Dollar now through Sunday Best.

Doldrums' “Egypt” gets the Young Magic treatment with the following remix of keyboard cascades and far away, half awake vocals. Keep on the lookout as the Magic take on a tour in support of their Carpark album Melt co-headlining with Quilt for their US dates this month and will make an appearance at the NXNE Festival in Toronto.

Sun Glitters dropped a new chill track called “Insane” remixed by his Italian buddy Need a Name in the cloud with all the understated subtleties you would want in an ambient piece of electro.

Silver Jews' new album Early Times came out this week on Drag City and they dropped this teaser trailer to prove it while calling their fans to arms or at least to their local mom and pop record store. To quote Ben Berman; “Salad Days” was taken and “Wild Turkey” sounds like an insult. These field recordings capture the birth of the Jews, from way back in the days of the Silver rush, before we discovered that the last word in 'nineties' was 'me.”

For those that care enough to have wished LiLiPuT could have kept their registered trademarked moniker Kleenex, we invite you into the world of LA's hot new no-wave, WEAVE! Assembled from Ivory Lee Carlson of Softness, Nicole Turley of Swahili Blonde with their bandmates formerly from acts like the Centimeters and Bubonic Plague. The new WEAVE! EP New Funk Romance comes out July 24 on Neurotic Yell and you can listen to the sampler here.

Permanent Collection came through this week with an amazing new cut from their upcoming Newly Wed Nearly Dead with “One Thousand Sins.” The guitar gaze is still alive and well as Jason Hendardy and cohorts are continuing to build up a unified banner of garage clammer for the most discerning scuzz tasters and dream journal believers. Permanent Collection's Newly Wed, Nearly Dead comes out August 7 from Loglady Records.