Week in Pop: Born Days, Deep Cuts, The Hussy

Sjimon Gompers

The unforgettable fire, ferocity & phenomenon that is The Hussy; press photo courtesy of Scotify.

Deep Cuts

Houston’s own pop performers Deep Cuts; photographed by Jay Tovar.

From Houston with heart & timeless passions; Deep Cuts offers up a listen to the a-side of their new single “Friends” available June 16 from Go Bang Go Records. The group lives up to their own self-appointed name and carves out one of their deepest, dire & hedonistic hymns of the evening based variety that revels in the enchantment & enticement of what a house party can offer. The thrills of arriving at an exquisite event to indulge in the most illustrious of available & offered merriment are set to the must exquisite arrangements ever.

Deep Cuts’ “Friends” ft. Charles finds lead singer Chase Harris spelling out the primary reasons & rationales of attending a decadent party to take part in all the items that offer up an elated form of escapism. The subject of who your true friends are becomes an overdone & exhausted conversation that is discarded in the name of seeking immediate interests of the most indulgent variety. Harris & crew spell out the thrill seeking funs of attending house parties among those folks who you barely know, but what you do know is that they offer up the best libations & party favors imaginable [that all those fuddy-duddies who leave you with the open tab never provide]. The motivations & incentives are spelled out with underscored synthesizers & an arrangement that makes your cult 80s classics sound even more important & awesome in today’s times.

Deep Cuts cover art, courtesy of Anthony Flores.

Deep Cuts’ own Chase Harris offered up the following on their new single “Friends”:

“Friends” started with another one of those parties you end up at. Another night out surrounded by people whose company you only halfway enjoy, another night of drink x/smoke y/take z. Early drafts of the lyrics came out caustic and even more antisocial than those in the finished song. As we spent more time with the track though, we found its aggression out of character with our music and, ultimately, ourselves. The finished “Friends” starts with the real malaise we get from those parties, but ends up in a more optimistic—or at least pleasantly stoned—mindset. You might hit the party alone, but you don’t have to leave it that way.

Deep Cuts’ new single “Friends” is available now from Go Bang Go Records (via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play).

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