Week in Pop: Born Days, Deep Cuts, The Hussy

Sjimon Gompers

The unforgettable fire, ferocity & phenomenon that is The Hussy; press photo courtesy of Scotify.

Space Tyger

Muscle Shoals’ own Space Tyger, aka Kyle Bragwell; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introducing Alabama artist Kyle Bragwell who makes music as Space Tyger & premieres a listen to the new smooth single “Good People” available June 17 that focuses on an endearing & sublime sort of human goodness that seeks to find kindness in everyone, everywhere. The Muscle Shoals artist has released a handful of demos that illustrate an artist seeking a sound that works out of rustic American primitive pop traditions that reaches toward greater detailed songs of sophistication.

“Good People” finds Kyle Bragwell stretching out toward the outer reaches of singer-songwriting styles where the moniker of Space Tyger is earned. Incorporating rhythmic keys that dovetail in & out between like-minded chord progressions; Bragwell underscores the importance of virtuous & true hearted individuals through an uplifting & edifying single that will make you feel better about the world at large. Synths descend like the morning dew that is swept up by the evaporated rays of the sun’s outstretched arms where Space Tyger gets the new day started with a spirit of full on positivity. With cover artwork that depicts a close up of a denim jacket sporting buttons that showcase a shorn-headed Britney Spears, Charles Barkley, Louis C.K., Maverick Mitchell from Top Gun, a peace sign, a yellow ribbon pin & one of a t-rex; Space Tyger is immediately an artist to keep a close eye & ear on this summer/year.

Listen to more from Space Tyger here.

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