Week in Pop: Born Days, Deep Cuts, The Hussy

Sjimon Gompers

The unforgettable fire, ferocity & phenomenon that is The Hussy; press photo courtesy of Scotify.

Week in Pop

Presenting Man Forever’s Joshua Ford video for the elaborate orchestration of “Twin Torches” ft. Laurie Anderson featured off the album Play What They Want available now from Thrill Jockey. The ten minute masterpiece is met with wild contemporary dance scenarios in elaborate monochrome setting that incorporates ballet of the absurd, impressionistic where the rising tension of the song feels constantly heightened by the art house drama that unfolds before your senses.

Behold the vintage VHS screen tests from Chris O’Neill for Naoise Roo’s earnest single “Almost Perfect” featured off the debut album Lilith available now from Little L Records. Naoise offers up an up close, emotive & vulnerable examination of the self that seeks to see the grand picture, imperfections & all in ways that might bring you to tears.

Those looking for some down home holistic goodness might want to indulge themselves in the new EP Farewell to Green Mountain courtesy of Cedar Teeth. The cycle that spans from the life trials of “Cancer” to “Winter” are some of the most rustic Pac northwest pop that will compliment your current Twin Peaks: The Return watching obsessions with tunes so familiar they feel as if they descended from another world.

New York’s Weeping Icon brought all the heavy with “Jail Billz” that focuses on the burdens of paying the full bail. Featured off the forthcoming album Eyeball Under available July 14 from Kanine. The dissonance blasts from the speakers like an aura-aeriel improvised device of untold mischief & welcomed musical mayhem.

Peep the lyrical video for the electro pop single “The Rescue” about mental & emotional rescue missions courtesy of Norwegian artist Mørk of Tromsø. The glitchy electro communications are something the artist described with the timely introduction:

In these mental times, I made a track about mental health. I read this report that came out, on the use of physical force and restraint in the mental health services in Tromsø, my hometown. Reading that report inspired the lyrics of the song, which is set in a future where the job of the nurses in the psych-wards are done by nurse-robots. It’s the nurse robot singing in the verses and the patient X responding in the choruses. All in the form of an iMessage-conversation-lyric video.

Viceroy dropped the impromptu electro-imbued expressions of “Improvise” feat. Tom Aspaul available now from Dim Mak. This is that super bright jam that is asking to be including on all your current dance mixes.

Get all of your existential yah-yahs out in the Bona Palma video for Stars and Rabbit’s “Man Upon The Hill” found off the album Constellation.

Lookout Mountain, TN by way of Houston, Austin’s Billy Stoner offered up a listen to his self-titled slice of twang available today from Team Love Records. From “Separate Ways” running, rolling & a-rambling from the crossroads of “Separate Ways” to the world weary song of warning, caution & woe titled “If You Want the Candy” that preaches some realer than real life listens to heed carefully.

Fascinations Grand Chorus keeps the timeless feels reeling with the single “Wait” that offers something to break the spell of ennui. The sound of a swinging shindig takes off with all the sha la la las makes yesterday feels as fresh as today & the potential that tomorrow holds.

Terence Ryan dropped another new single that applies the focuses on the shifts that occur in life beyond our control with “Nothing” featured off the debut album Don’t Panic available June 23 from 3QTR/Kobalt Music Recordings. Sentiments are worn on Terence’s sleeve that spell out sincerity & a vulnerability that is all too familiar.

From Dog-Hat Boot-legz (oka NYC’s Shodé Swimmer Non); groove to the inquisitive, minimalist & atmospheric single “Would U” that sends up intimate alliteration questions that sound ripped from the extended depths off evenings enjoyed with the blinds & curtains drawn.

P-Lo is currently on tour now with Rexx Life Raj through July 7 & dropped the iPhone view video from Adrian Per for “The End” off More Than Anything. Exhibitions of life moments seen through the textual & small screen frame of our worlds that are documented through mobile devices offers a narrative of intimacy that illustrates the ins, outs & ups & downs of relationships that osccilate between IRL & smart phone augmented realities.

Evan B. Harris makes music under the moniker of Afterlife Revival where the illustrator/musician offers up a taste of some down-home rustic Americana primitive pop with “Rich in Love”. Harris eschews the wealth of material goods with a whole lotta heart & rusty desert twang that emphasizes the richness found in the things that folks can share between one another, but can never be bought like a commodity on a shelf in a store.

Amelia Airhorn joining forces with The Knocks & Skylar Spence bring in the super heated New York groove with their big bright & booming “NY Is Red Hot”. This is the jam to crank while strolling & rolling about NYC as the warmth, humidity & sun beams descend with a fun filled fury.

Parisian duo Sacre brought some youthful reflections with “Forever Young” that entertains the ancient notion of attaining some sort of perpetual state where everything is forever new, forever fresh & existing in a world of infinite discovery (coupled with a smart & restrained electronic production).

XY&O dropped the bright “One More Night (Lemonade)” featured off the upcoming second EP Powder Rooms. All the electro elements collect together with the feel of a night at the discotheque that could go all evening.

SOFI TUKKER to tour with ODESZA this fall & delivered us a listen to the rhythmic eco-system discovered on Frost’s remix of “Moon Tattoo”. Body ink obsessions are sent up to the outer dimensions of space in an electric outing that imagines various lunar & planetary images that we might want affixed to our epidermis.

Fallow Land offered up a listen to their single featured off their forthcoming Pinscher EP available December 27 with the address specific track “410 S. Morgan”. The experience of two parties drifting apart is illustrated through an intricate & expressive blend of rhythms & chords that exhibit the subtext that lies beneath the surface.

Featured off their upcoming release Our City available August 3 from New Granada; DieAlps! brought the visions of “I Can See It Now” that operates in updated power pop manners & musical maneuvers. The notions of shared & combined visions shine forward in a ballad of pure exhilaration that simulates the sensation of summer unbound.

Playing Baby G in Toronto on July 7, Fruit & Flowers dropped the Thomas Ignatius video for “Out Of Touch” featured off the forthcoming Drug Tax EP available June 30 from Little Dickman Records. Beach bound adventures & studio extravagances are meshed together in an exhibition of what we like to think is going to be the summer of fun, 2017 edition.

PDX’s own Melville shared a little something off their upcoming debut album The New Zero available August 17 & we have the broadcast antennae angst & emotion of “Televised”. All the feelings are summoned to the surface as the Portland pop groups busts out the endearing sentiments that wear their passions proudly on their sleeves.

Ghostpoet issued a listen to the single “Trouble + Me” featured off the album Dark Days & Canapés available August 18 via Play It Again Sam. Vintage tales of derelict desperadoes & other short stories are relayed in an old western fashion.

ATTLAS delivered a listen to the track “What You Do To Me” courtesy of deadmau5′ imprint mau5trap that basks in the changes & permutations that another person can cause.

Jamie Berry dropped the vibrant lyrical video for “Bolder” feat. Georgia Thursting that works up a bout of courage to take on the tasks & events that often give us trepidation.

Us and Us brought a listen to “Bored of Black” off the upcoming Only Full Flower available July 14 from Topshelf Records that expresses the sentiments of ennui & an atmospheric angst that allows the song plenty of room & space to resonate with the listening audience.

Fassine presented a look at the James Gilleard & Steve Kirby animated video for “Gold” featured off the album Gourami available July 10 that offers a cartoon rendering of the group. Nefarious deeds and the sort are seen in a moody, modern setting in the dead of winter that provides a wild narrative for their ambient track.

Introducing Germany’s Earl Grey, that busts out the oil of bergamot with a whole lotta angst & energy to knock things over, start a healthy ruckus & then talk about it the following morning. On the track “Nothing”, the silence & atmosphere is shattered with a whole lotta welcomed noise, ripping guitars & everything you crave.

Stockholm duo INDIIA just dropped their debut single “Out Of Love” featuring Whitney through Black Butter Records that expresses terms of endearment & the actions that are made out of an affinity for someone. Through a smart economy of electronic arrangements, INDIIA coasts calmly & cool with a jam that is certain to help you celebrate the halcyon days of summer 2017.

Brooklyn’s BIRDS are readying their debut album Everything All At Once available August 18 through Greenway Records & offered up an escapist rush with “Get Away” that is guaranteed to instantly become your summer 2017 jam. The band of Duane Lauginiger, Jessica Reynoza (from WILLOWZ), Jess Rees (of Russian Baths) with Tim Plunkett (of Gondola) combine an uncanny array of talents that arrange all the coolest chords & rhythms to keep the free flowing feelings reeling.

Brooklyn’s Great Woods is Eric Ryrie who dropped the single “Poison In The Well” featured off debut EP Strange Lives available June 23, the same day of Eric’s release show in NYC at the Footlight with Sharkmuffin, The Big Drops & HNRY FLWR. The multidiciplined artist does everything himself that makes for a variety of moods & feelings that tell an array of tales that feel both foreign & familiar at the same time.

Those seeking some expressive shredding should indulge themselves with a listen & look at Udi Levy’s blistering guitar bedlam titled “Addictive Substance” that churns out a maelstrom of chords that can barely contained by the instrument & means of amplification.

Also don’t miss London’s Chemtrails as they rock about the colorful art pop video for “Deranged” found off their Headless Pin Up Girl EP. It’s both sides of the pond fusing California sun pop styles with a throwback vintage sense of a/v style.

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