Week in Pop: Floam, Pleather, Sis

Sjimon Gompers

Seattle's own superstars Pleather from left—Butter & Andrew McKibben; photographed by Sofia Lee.

Week in Pop

That new, new order of Pure Order; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Featured off Pure Order’s Sword of Elan Vital EP produced by Oh No—behold the JVM Films for Wonderbox Studios video for “Sons of Belial” that features Oxnard artist God’s Gift. Trading poetic verses & bars about zombie systems instated by thoughtless pursuits of power & authority; emcee N-fa’Nit & Gift shine a light on inconvenient truths like a chandelier that has been cut from the rafters that lights up the room. Oh No contributes to the song’s thriller-house artifice as vintage & contemporary visuals ripped from television screened exhibit events of injustices & the acts that lack conscious considerations for others.

Cover art for DRINKS; courtesy of Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley & Drag City.

Drinks, comprised of pop titans Cate Le Bon & White Fence’s Tim Presley, present the Casey Raymond video for “Corner Shops” featured off the Hippo Lite album available April 20 from Drag City. The two continue to intuitively elaborate upon the faculties of creative imagination that makes inventive music that floats toward new heights that proves that Cate & Tim truly can create anything they can manifest in thought.

Halo Maud presented the Deezooit video for “Wherever” featured off the debut album Je Suis Une île avaialble May 25 from Heavenly Recordings/Michel Records. The pop art visuals fit the track perfectly that deliver a mesmerizing touch to the sophisti-pop of the single that will bring warm vibes to wherever you might be, wherever you are & whoever you happen to be with at this moment in time.

In more Heavenly Recording news, audiobooks signed to the independent imprint institution & shared a listen to their debut single “Gothenburg”. The London based group works in creative economies of electro rhythms that will beguile the mind & spirit in new mystifying manners of intrigue & awe.

Chad Valley released the new single illustrious & shining pop single “See-Through” featured off the forthcoming album Imaginary Music available May 25 via Cascine. Hugo Manuel continues to evolve a creative narrative that is full of care in a quest for a connection that feels honest, real & fully realized between all the involved parties. From the tragedy of losing an album’s worth of a material on a laptop that was stolen presented Hugo with a chance to recreate & build off an ever elaborate & growing array of inspirations & inspired sounds.

Slow Magic brought the futuristic synth wavy varietals featured off their recently released AWAY EP via Downtown Records that brings electro meditations for today’s contemporary age. The fixated thought trails arrive on the opener “All About U”, to the sentimental glow of “Sun”, the beat du jour boutique of “Go” ft. Toulouse that brings about a host of energy that entertains the dreams & feelings of summer holidays soon to arrive.

Featured off Quest MCODY’s album Th3 Gospel presents a look at the Pedro-directed video for the Max Landry-produced track “Reup”. The Detroit emcee draws upon close brushes with death that recalls a near-fatal car accident that gave the artist a new lease on life in a quest for healing, understanding & the catharsis of capitulating tales of life, death & second chances.

NYC x Seoul artist DUUV continues to to build off releases like the recent WITH YOU IN MIND, Through No Fault of Your Own & more with a look at the visuals for “Intro & “For You” that takes you through worlds of blue. The azure theme carries over from buildings, skies & oceanic expanses that is combined with sunset splashes of red, orange & a desert vistas enhanced with visual effects to emulate the psych qualities of DUUV’s compositions.

Behold the vintage visuals for the Nathan Smith video for Teenage Cavegirl’s single “No Good//So Bad” that mixes an economic brew of modern & the twentieth century classic styles. Like a time capsule that pays tribute to freak-beat 60s pop oddities & cult beach popcorn fare; TC calls the shots as they see & hear them with a succinct sort of punk that doesn’t even bother to meet the two minute mark (like true legends in their own time, abiding by their own time). Look for this on the group’s upcoming debut album.

Leeds Night Owls shared a listen to the electric zapping single “Better With Age” featured off their upcoming EP. The song lampoons the diligences of the digital age in a jagged arrangement that seeks to break through the conventions & contrivances of modern life.

Off the the release sucker, slow dance to the keen crooning Blood Moon single “near you”. A song that blends both your parents’ favorite soft pop hits of the 80s with music that could have been featured at a throwback teary eyed promo moment; DIY NYC pop hero Jesse Brickel continues to remind us why he remains one of the most under-represented creative chameleons in the game today.

The Vryll Society keeps the sweet, serene & soaring vibes with a luxurious listen to “Andrei Rublev” that salutes the medieval religious painter. Abiding by a supernatural style that sweeps you off your feat; Vryll Society sends up a song of ecstatic epiphanies like a cathedral of decorated frescoes & other such iconic artifacts.

Toronto’s GNA delivered the Missy Elliott remix of the throwback classic “Sock it to Me” with visuals from Boulevard P. With production provided by T Nyce, GNA rewinds it back to the classic 90s school that reminds the new classes of today of the matriarchs who made the creative contemporary advancements that often get overlooked.

Bohan Phoenix dropped the “OVERSEAS 海外” remix ft. Dumbfoundead & produced by Ryan Hemsworth that brings the eastern & western coordinates closer together. The rising China born start brings a story & style to the LA crews & creative hotbeds to build a global nest that never forgets where Bohan came from while staying focused on where they’re going.

American/Scandinavian duo Flora Cash shared their duet “18 Dollars” that reverberates like an electro-futuristic western ballad echoing through rainy ambiance of spring showers. The couple cruises through the audio exhibitions that oscillate between monetary matters & the needs of the heart & soul (exhibited through a slow burning style of song).

Rodney Cromwell is preparing the upcoming Rodney’s English Disco for release May 25 through Happy Robots Records & shared the Dariy Karyakin & Eduard Kolik video for “Comrades”. Starring Irina Gavrilova and Sofia Lukonina & styled by Lubov Rozenfeld; Cromwell delivers a synth-composed art house feature that feels like sound & visual aesthetics from the Cold War-era that are resurrected in our current day to match our contemporary quagmires & stalemates.

ATL emcee Skooly recently announced dates in Dallas on April 28, Orlando May 12, Atlanta May 14 and shares the visual for “Really Rich” featured of the mixtape Don’t You Ever Forget Me Vol. 2. A thankless landscaping gig turns into a check modification scheme that turns the entire situation around & wealthier beyond the artist’s (along with previous employers) imaginations.

Treat yourself to something amazing with Mandy Sloan’s new minimalist single “Oh My Dear”. An artist that also makes electro sounds under the moniker of Yucca provides a single of endearment that is full of feel-good vibes like receiving a Valentine’s card in spring.

Michael Paradise shared the lush & wavy wonder of “Meant 2 Be” that flies with a romantic air of affectionate inspirations. The back & forth exchanges of life dances & discourse is conveyed like something that sails from the dimensions of a mid-spring daydream that we hope never ends. In Michael Paradise’s own words on the new single:

I just wanted to let go of all the tensions and self-awareness and doubts and mind games to make a song that feels good. It’s part of the idea behind the name Michael Paradise: I’m trying to tap into a side of me, and society at large, that is willing to put yourself out there, be vulnerable and creatively express yourself without fearing judgment. Doing it for the process rather than the outcome.

MIGHTY delivered a look at their Charlie Wilson video for “Safe and Sound” from their debut self-titled available May 18 via songintheair. From nude antics to clowning around; the Pittsburgh band offers an anthem dedicated to jumping out of comfort zones that trades familiarity for something exciting, new & scary.

Montreal’s Anemone delivered a listen to the single “Bout De Toi” with their debut EP Baby Only You & I arriving April 27 via Luminelle Recordings. The track brings Franco fusions with a cluster of rhythms, atmospheric synths & eastern leaning chords that creates a floral bouquet for all the senses.

Media Jeweler delivered a visual of happiness from their Fire Talk release 1-800-SUCCEED from Anthony Lucido for “Hula Hoop” that stars Miss Hoopdidoo, aka Amanda Lee. The creative array of MJ’s creative chord conversations are conveyed through Amanda’s own swift hula hoop skills that spins in time to the group’s quixotic yet adeptly controlled guitar arts.

In more Fire Talk news—Chicago’s Deeper offered a listen to the illustrious & illuminated new single “Pavement” found off their upcoming self-titled available May 25 via Fire Talk Records. With a busy May touring schedule afoot, the band’s own Nic Gohl, Mike Clawson, Shiraz Bhatti & Drew McBride bring about the result of their love-centered labors upward from the subterranean spaces of obscured undergrounds into the light of the expansive world that patiently awaits at the surface.

Toronto’s MorMor delivered a look & listen with the light shining luster of “Whatever Comes to Mind”. The artist creates music that soars direct from the heart & human spirit that sends out psychic senses of romance & a sincerity that defies conventional description. A song & video to be witnessed in order to be even approximately understood.

Big Ups offered a look at the live video collection for “Fear” featured off their new album Two Parts Together available May 18 from Exploding in Sound. The beloved purveyors of all things visceral, economic & exciting with DIY pop present the world with the ultimate live tour video that takes you on a journey of energetic lives show performances (not to mention studio seshes) that leaves you driving in the band van late into the outstretched highways of evening.

Bay Area’s E Da Boss (from Myron and E) and Trailer Limon are The Pendletons who shared the throwback title-track “Funk Forever” featured off the EP of the same name from Bastard Jazz. The group rolls back the clocks toward the classic eras of big r&b productions that today are sampled, emulated & almost taken for granted.

Pinkshinyultrablast got our collective dance parties started with “Dance AM” featured off the forthcoming album Miserable Miracles available May 4 via Club AC30. The sound of the creative Saint Petersburg, Russian underground is celebrated in an vast array of tones from bold, to muted, to shimmering & always shining with a feeling of perpetual tomorrows.

Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire are Sleeping Lion who recently followed up last year’s single “Stop It” with the new track “Easy For You”. Through an understated tight pop arrangement the duo illustrate melancholy melodies about the tides of change that occur during changes & endings that provide new beginnings (with reflections on lessons from the past).

Portland band TENTS sent word of their debut album Deer Keeps Pace available May 11 from Badman Recording Co. & shared a look & listen to their DIY video for “Back Yards” made in their back yard for a song that was recorded in their back yard. The band pulls no punches, forsakes the pretensions & shares something honest & organic that will make you feel right at home with the PDX bunch. In Brian’s own words:

This song is about addiction as a destructive force, family as an uplifting force and the two kind of at battle with each other. I wrote this song when I was really sick. Not sleeping as much as I should, out drinking with buds on work nights. Turns out I have an autoimmune disease. Geez. So much body sh*t. In the end of this song, in the bridge, things take a turn a bit. It’s sort of like hapless, helpless, ironic ecstasy. But then also in there is a moment of letting go, which for me at the time very much resembled me shedding the addiction and allowing myself to enjoy my family.

Stevie Wolf sent the world the ultra emotive pop single “Yves Klein Blue” that seeks a connection of substantial understanding. Working in ways from restrained deliveries to maximalist expressions; Stevie’s song bounces between melodic whispers to fervent chorus shouts. Wolf introduced the single with the following insights:

I want somebody to know me, really know me, better than I know myself.

Get the “Cold Shoulder” from the one and only pop disruptors/disturbers of convention A Deer A Horse Video with the fierce, light flashing visual from Brett Sullivan. The recent GP Stripes single from the band that takes no prisoners without making any apologies rages through the facets and frames of anxiety from all the systems that bog down time and mind in a video that comes with a warning to all who might be sensitive to strobing light effects.

Needs shared the working class visual that show the upside of being a hand-to-mouth dishwasher via the visuals for “Eat the Rich… People’s Leftovers” featured off the upcoming second album Limitations available June 22 via File Under Music. The blues of straddling the poverty line are seen in terms of hyperbolic hysteria while working through the wheelhouses of dead-end jobs we take on just to get by.

Australian artist Sarah Mary Chadwick shared the endearing ballad “Flow Over Me” where the sentiments are poured on the listener like a sweet & salty rain of thoughts that pour with an emotive stirring touch. Find this and other piano arranged odysseys on the upcoming album Sugar Still Melts In The Rain available May 11 via the prestigious cult pop imprint Sinderlyn.

From circa the Sacramento area; we introduce you to the new dream school of Soft Science who are readying their release Sooner / Paris arriving May 4 from Test Pattern Records. Air streaming sidewinders like “Sooner” recalls the familiar sneaker-staring sects, as the swaying homecoming dance dalliances of “Paris (Northern Picture Library)”, to the Loveless emulation illustrated on “Undone”, House of Love renderings on the cover “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” to the heart searching song “Breaking”.

DEZORAH brought the powerful single of many mansions that is “Intención” featured off the Creando Azul EP available May 25 . The song moves through suites that deliver forces of determination & movements that take the intentions, energy & elements to extensive new echelons.

Feel Alright are following up 2011’s Hahahahahaha with the upcoming second album In Bad Faith available May 18 from Pleasence Records, sharing the instantly addictive new single “Truth About Us”. The track rocks between myths, truths & hyperbole that elevates upward obfuscated legends & legacies to new pop rock heights. Craig Fahner introduced the new single with the following insights:

I’ve always admired how great power pop songs can squeeze so much meaning and melody out of simple rock and roll truisms. “Truth About Us” is our attempt to pack as much energy and melody and love and mystery as possible into a three-chord stomper, in the spirit of Nick Lowe and Wreckless Eric.

Featured off their upcoming album Delirium Days, Sea of Orchids’ Luke Daniel and Joss Venture present the grandiose single “I Just Wanted To Be Your Lover” that places a boatload of heart & feelings on the line in a bid for their offstage beloved. Abiding by classic dramatic pop gestures from yesteryears; the duo sends up a bouquet of sentiments that are delivered like deep cuts re-discovered from retro cult pop long-players performed by album rock auteurs.

Sugar Candy Mountain provided a listen to the new stone-y sound collage single “Crystalline” off the upcoming album Do Right available May 4 from PIAPTK Records. The single will lift you upward to happier places in mind & heart that makes all current quandaries suddenly feel lighter than air.

The Record Company shared news of their upcoming album All Of This Life available June 22 via Concord with a listen to the lively lyrical visual for “Life To Fix”. Accentuating all the instrumentation involved, TRC delivers a testament to building up the life you want to lead piecemeal, brick by brick, without looking back.

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