Week in Pop: Floam, Pleather, Sis

Sjimon Gompers

Seattle's own superstars Pleather from left—Butter & Andrew McKibben; photographed by Sofia Lee.

Cool Calm Chrys

Cool Calm Chrys & the family; photographed by Whitney Skauge.

Offering another debut off the upcoming So Far, So Far Out release, LA’s own Cool Calm Chrys presents the world premiere for the new family celebrating single “Find a Way” featuring visuals from Whitney Skauge. Set up like a warm back yard family reunion in Midcity, Chrys continues to shine an inclusive creative light that is firmly rooted in where he’s from, the good folks that raise him, along with the bright paths & sunny skies where he is headed. The cool, calm & creative career of CCC carries forward with that trademark shine that feels like the warmest potluck get-together event imaginable.

And Whitney Skauge’s video for “Find a Way” shares in the tenets of Cool Calm Chrys’s commitment to his kinfolk, friends, loved ones, not to mention all the friends & fans he hasn’t even met yet. The video opens with the family gathered together for a group shot before surveying the home gallery of portraits, candid moments of warm greetings, hugs & a lively gang of dominoes being played at the dining room table. Chrys’s bars about lessons learned from elders, matriarchs, patriarchs & more makes for a joyous occasion full of laughter, jovial huddles & group hugs aplenty. The song spells out how the folks that have helped raised us can offer infinite insights & wisdom for our ever-winding paths as Chrys lays a series of lyrical verses down in a toast to heroes stated over a super shimmering beat punctuated by rhythm piano & an expressive saxophone. The lesson is to listen to those who have brought you up in the world, emphasizing the importance to mix their inspiring teachings alongside your own discoveries made along the way.

Chrys introduced the new single & visual for “Find a Way” with the following reflections:

This track is an important one for me. It is about learning from my parents triumphs and shortcomings and trying to find my own way to that space. The music video was a simple premise. Get my family together and simply record what we do best, which is having fun. I’m blessed to have partnered with Whitney Skauge on this as she took my vision and made it tangible. It’s been a blessing to create and I hope that happiness translates through the pixels on your computer screen.

Cool Calm Chrys’s new single “Find a Way” is available everywhere here.

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