Week in Pop: Floam, Pleather, Sis

Sjimon Gompers

Seattle's own superstars Pleather from left—Butter & Andrew McKibben; photographed by Sofia Lee.


Rites of spring with Pleather’s Butter & Andrew; photographed by Sarah Strunin & Claire Buss.


From the contemporary to the classic eras—there has remained an influential prolific series of undergrounds scenes in Seattle as well as all along the greater surrounding PNW corner. This is the mystical, majestic & downright magical worlds of dilettantes & débutantes who have challenged the sanctity of genres and conventions to create something that is all their own. Cult icons Pleather are some of the most fun of the lesser sung duos in the Seattle sects and cliques that synthesize conventions quicker than journos can apply catchall & sometimes contrived movement-catchall tags. As Pleather announces their forthcoming Feather EP, Butter & Andrew McKibben present the world premiere of the video for “Cherries” directed by Sarah Strunin with camera work courtesy of Sarah Strunin, Claire Buss & editor Ben Violet. Butter & Andrew posses that super special quality to completely create & build pop constructs of their with a sense of expansive world construction that cracks the conformity arrangements of convention. For Pleather every song is a wild card where the feelings edge on the precipices of an abandon that are unparalleled to any local (or-not-so local) contemporaries.

Pleather’s “Cherries” is one of those songs onto itself that you have already waited an entire lifetime to hear. It has all the mystery, the illustration of desires, statements of urgency, the materialization/realization of daydreams that accompanies the innovative arrangement approaches that make up what is an intricately designed dance track that feels as if it were created in some kind of clandestine inverted universe. The visuals from Sarah Strunin & Claire Buss align with the aesthetic of the composition that carries Pleather’s stylistic sensibilities into the spring season. The synth laden intro is coupled with a montage of flowers in full bloom as Pleather’s Butter & Andrew appear in the visual frame strolling along a tranquil park path.

Butter embraces the gifts of spring; photographed by Sarah Strunin, Claire Buss & Ben Violet.

The two become transfixed by their surroundings of floral splendor & lush greenery that are found everywhere from suburban sprawls, public places of business and the expansive arrays of natural offerings found around the nearby forest trails. Matching the “Cherries” motif of the title, cherry blossoms become a pivotal theme throughout that mesmerize the duo in ways of bewilderment and infinite fascination. The floral varietal possesses something of a transcendent character that charters bucolic meditations of pastoral pop poems & introspection to an impromptu nu-industrial truck stop dance party. Pleather guides the audience through the mystic blur of blossoms & melange of deep green leaves for an entrance into a hyper-kinetic electro dance party. From hanging off of Freightliners, dancing on palettes, trucks & tankers; Butter & Andrew flip the switch on their cherry blossom littered world for the asphalt, engine & metal cast universe of logistics and supply chains. The visual for “Cherries” cherishes both the yin & the yang found in Pleather’s sound that celebrates the magic of the natural realm with the furious might from the mechanisms of industry with something that is wholly unlike anything you have ever seen or heard.

In bloom with Butter & Andrew of Pleather; photographed by Sarah Strunin, Claire Buss & Ben Violet.

Pleather’s Butter & Andrew shared the following behind-the-scenes details on the making of the new video for “Cherries”:

Los Angeles based digital media genius, Sarah Strunin first approached Pleather with a springtime inspired music vid over a year ago. “Cherries” will be re-released on our Feather EP this summer with some new material. Pleather got together with Sarah and shot the video last year with the help of talented Seattle filmmaker, Claire Buss.

Butter immersed in the cherry blossoms; photographed by Sarah Strunin, Claire Buss & Ben Violet.

Spring is explosive and cathartic and that is beautifully punctuated with the blossoming trees and flowers. The vision was to contrast this magic with dystopic construction and the dismantling and reclaiming of our technological devices. Post Mercury Retrograde, we hope that this video resonates with people’s collective sense of breakage and unraveling. While the flowers are blossoming delicately on the trees, each day takes on its own unpredictable course. We look towards friendship and collaboration to bloom even in times of chaos and confusion.

Seattle’s cool cult society Pleather, from left—Butter & Andrew McKibben; photographed by Sofia Lee.

Pleather’s anticipated Feather EP will be available later this summer.

Listen to more from Pleather via Soundcloud & keep up with them via Facebook.

Pleather "Cherries" (Official Music Video) 2017 from Sarah Strunin on Vimeo.

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