Week in Pop: Floam, Pleather, Sis

Sjimon Gompers

Seattle's own superstars Pleather from left—Butter & Andrew McKibben; photographed by Sofia Lee.


In the easy-rocker with Floam’s own Godfrey Furchtgott; press photo courtesy of the artist.


Brooklyn’s Floam present a premiere viewing of the “Just a Cool Breeze” video directed by Caroline Symons and cinematography from Fletcher Wolfe that stars the ballerina moves of Allison Piccone. Band leader Godfrey Furchtgott song plays about with the alliterations of the lyrical quip no worries that spans across reiterated statements of purpose & being. Like a slick DIY pop gem that coasts forward off the heels of the timeless Kenny Loggins wisdom of the I’m alright, nobody worry about me adage—Godfrey & the gang paint a portrait of life being played out before you like an elaborate piece of performance art that imitates the cycles of life itself.

Floam’s “Just a Cool Breeze” moves with the wild winds of the world and casts a soft light on the moments of levity that shine through the clutter of our over-booked schedules. Featuring visuals of drum kit assists from family & friends; Allison Piccone dances away the anxiety & worries as Godfrey moves between percussion, guitar & Korg keyboard. The pains of budgeting, planning, preparing & just overall adulting is all wrapped up together in a big uplifting piece of performance art created to help our day-to-days go by a little easier. Floam emphasizes the places of slack in the calendar shuffle that offer up endless possibilities & moments of reprieve to spend with loved ones, while recognizing these wondrous windows as anomalies in the methods of working around shoe-string/show-box finances & uncompromising schedules. The song & visual for “Just a Cool Breeze” provides a chance of momentary escape from these routines that still keeps all the aforementioned responsibilities well into view.

Floam’s Godfrey Furchtgott shared some exclusive reflections about the single & video for “Just a Cool Breeze”:

Just a Cool Breeze is about the small things. Having a bunch of food in the pantry. Having an extra $50 after the bills are paid. Not having anything to do, except seeing a friend the next day. I’ve seen that sometimes things pan in and out just the right way. A smudge of light in the perfect spot. It’s easy to leave those pedestrian miracles unnoticed. And when we notice them, it’s tempting to cling to those moments for dear life, like imperiled sailors clutching a life raft. I won’t pretend it, I’ve never been left for dead in a turbulent sea. But there’s still chaos in this life. And in those incandescent hours, I’m not calling for messianic redemption or spiritual transcendence. Just for things to line up a little easier. We’ve all seen a dancer move across a stage. Seeing chaos resolved in a simple human body, it’s a special tonic. Hope this one lines it up for you too, if only for a moment.

Listen to more from Floam via Spotify.

Catch Floam playing Brooklyn’s The Glove on April 26 with Sedona, Treatment & Marshall Stacks. More information available here.

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