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Sjimon Gompers

Chronicling the rise of Montreal's Pascale Mercier—aka Pascale Project; photographed by Alessandro aka l'homme viande.

Summer Salt

The latest from Austins' Summer Salt; photographed by Samuel Green.

The latest from Austins’ Summer Salt; photographed by Samuel Green.

Summer Salt dropped their new single “Candy Wrappers” off their forthcoming 4 song EP So Polite available this summer from Austin Town Hall Records that brings about sunny-side beach bliss. This is the feeling of escaping from the world and taking off for the pleasures of the seaside shores, where the chord progressions mirror the leisure of gazing at the cycles of tide ebbs & flows for an ethereal eternity…

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Summer Salt introduced the new single upcoming EP with the following exclusive insights:

Ow ow! It’s time for another Summer Salt song and tour. Our first single “Candy Wrappers”, is about losing your sweet love, and figuring it’s best to move on. During that realization, a bunch of candy was eaten. Although it took time, we brushed our teeth, cleaned up and got our sweet tooth gone.

We will be releasing So Polite, a 4 song 7″ EP through Austin Town Hall Records in the summer.

Starting April 15, we will be touring the west coast with The Walters. All dates range from $5 to $10, and we’ll have of plenty jokes and smiles to make it enjoyable. Come say hi, and bring us candy if you like. Matt and Eugene like gummy bears, Phil Baier prefers bubblegum.

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