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Sjimon Gompers

Chronicling the rise of Montreal's Pascale Mercier—aka Pascale Project; photographed by Alessandro aka l'homme viande.


The rise of Toronto's Noita; press photo courtesy of the artist.

The rise of Toronto’s Noita; press photo courtesy of the artist.

We had a chance to talk to Toronto by Playa Del Carmen, Mexico & Victoria, Canada artist Noita with the release of Pink Noise EP via Northaura. Recorded with producer AODAN, Noita illustrates maximalist senses of sound through precise executions where every note & electronic treatment resounds with a sound larger than it’s own minimalist economy.

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Pink Noise opens with the introductory “Thoughts (I)”, to “She Bang” that showers the listener in a hazy brand of confidence that drones into the lifted & spirited track “Zone”, diving deeper beneath the surface on “Feelings (II)”, to the intimate ethereal shine of “Over Here” where the afterglow emanates endearing vibrations. Understandings are made in the dialogue statements punctuated by the boutique of swirling beats & keys that swim through through the air, moving into the evening indoor pool party of “Those Nights”, leaving us with the airduct breeze of “Noise (III)” that blazes with an ambient atmospheres that has only heightened our expectations on Noita’s next release. Read our interview with the artist featured right after the following listen:

Tell us about the road to making & the process of creating Pink Noise.

Pink Noise started out at a college party, to be honest. It was the first time I met [AODAN] after he reached out to me online saying he wanted to collaborate. He played me some of his tracks and I was really digging his vibe. It was easy for both of us. He would make and send me beats and I would write on the spot—then we’d go into the studio and record. A lot of the songs are different from each other and took a life of their own. There were a lot of new things happening for me during the creation of this project—I was letting go of people, starting new relationships and getting over a lot of personal issues which helped me grow a lot. I wanted this project to be a reflection of my life at the time and to be very human without being too heavy. I wanted it to be light and fun at times but also dark and moody—but still be real and relatable.

How has your Playa Del Carmen, Mexico by Victoria, Canada helped to further inspired your creative palette?

All of my memories from my childhood are so colorful, vibrant and happy and that’s what I take away from that part of my life. I love art and color and culture and I love to bring that part of myself into my art as much as possible. Victoria is where I started writing and producing music. My high school experience was weirdly enjoyable and so full of art and music and incredible, creative people who absolutely helped to shape me as an artist and a person. I love them both to death.

Talking to Toronto's Noita; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Talking to Toronto’s Noita; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Who are you really exited about right now in the world of arts? Next moves for Noita?

I’ve loved Princess Nokia for a long time but I’m starting to find this new appreciation for not only her music but everything that she encompasses as a creative human being, as a feminist and as an activist. I feel like she is the face of the future of art in that she puts so much love and positive energy and open-mindedness out into the world and that’s so exciting.

I have another project in the works which I am so proud of and excited to show to the world, I want to continue to grow as an artist and Im not afraid to make mistakes and take risks in my music and that’s where I’m at right now.

Noita’s Pink Noise EP is available now. Cop it here.

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