Week in Pop: Catalog, DDCT, Eddington Again

Sjimon Gompers

An intimate portrait of LA's own inimitable & icon in the making—Eddington Again; photographed by Esteban Schimpf & Ethan R. Tate.

wifisfuneral’s Week in Pop

South Florida’s son/lyrical soldier wifisfuneral; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Rising South Florida emcee wifisfuneral just dropped the mixtape The Boy Who Cried Wolf & was ever so gracious in curating the exclusive following Week in Pop guest selections:

This summer has been one big ass rollercoaster honestly, so all these songs have sentimental meaning when I listen to them. The songs are an inspiration for me when I feel low, because I’ve had some pretty low points this year. I’ve just felt angry with everything: my current situation, shitload of trials and tribulations, and not getting along with my label. All of that has really inspired my new project. Backstabbing with friends, falling out with friends, shit like that. When I’m happy I listen to a lot of things that keep my spirit for the rest of the day. When I’m mad, I like to listen to things to smooth it down so I won’t be as mad.

wifisfuneral, “Tic Tac”

This is the intro to my new mixtape, Boy Who Cried Wolf. I just feel like you hear the evolution of me as an artist, especially when you compare it to the intros from my last two projects (When Hell Falls and Black Hearts Revenge) The intro sounds like a song on its own. It’s really catchy to me.

Kendrick Lamar, “Fear”

Kendrick Lamar, “Yeah”

I’m just a fan of Kendrick’s music. This new album is great.

Lupe Fiasco, “Paris, Tokyo”

Kicking it couch-wise with wifisfuneral; press photo courtesy of the artist.

OutKast, “Aquemini”

Hearing the way they explain whatever they’re going through right then and there through their lyrics and their flows, just through all aspects sonically is inspirational.

The latest insights from wifisfuneral; press photo.

Tay K, “The Race”

This kid is in jail right now for capital murder but the song is great.

Palm Beach breezes & more brought to you by wifisfuneral; press photo courtesy of the artist.

GoldLink, “Crew” ft. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy

I like the hook, and how Brent Faiyaz sings on it. I think his vocals sound perfect on that beat.

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