Week in Pop: Bobbi Rush, King Z3US, Longface

Sjimon Gompers

The rise of Baltimore boss Bobbi Rush; press photo courtesy of BobbiRush.

Bobbi Rush

Introducing Baltimore’s Bobbi Rush; courtesy of BobbiRush.

Baltimore’s Bobbi Rush recently released the album Miles and presents a look at the Audrey Gatewood video for “Island” full of earthy splendor. Bobbi Rush brings interpersonal discourse of communication breakdowns & thoughts of truths to the nature paths, worlds of trees, wild brush & sprawling rock formations between fallen branches & trickling waters. As Rush strolls through emerald leaf green wonderland, every step reverberates lyrics that propel questions of devotion & intimacy that dissect those odd intersections of two way street showdowns. Bobbi expresses the feelings that makes one feel like the isolated eponymous sovereign land of the track’s namesake as the the lush surroundings provide a natural sanctuary of peace that seeks to bridge the incompletions & imperfections indicative of our collective human experience & exchange.

Baltimore’s rising star Bobbi Rush; photographed by Micah E. Wood.

The EP Miles was conceptualized as a joint effort between Bobbi Rush & Micah E. Wood (Wood also produced every track except for “Decisions” where JPEGMAFIA did the honors) that shares a sound from some of Bmore’s most massive. The journey starts with the rising swells of headspaces (like a genuine head rush) on the opener “Miles (Intro)”, that angles into the expressive synth spectacular of “Miles” featuring vocal spoken responses supplied by Wood that updates the lover’s rock sense of sonic suave. Ship-wrecked songs of inner meditations on amorous elements & engagement are sung on “Island”, as the all-star jam of “Nice Guy” finds Bobbi bringing the harmonic assertive attitudes that bounce between verses from both JPEGMAFIA & Micah. The vibe of Miles takes flight toward higher stratospheres on “More to Love”, as the JPEG-produced closing track “Decisions” brings more smoky & post-industrial atmospheres that rise forth from the subterranean levels & upward to the surfaces for all to experience.

The radical pop world of Bobbi Rush; press photo by BobbiRush.

Bobbi Rush shared the following thoughtful reflections on the making of Miles:

This project, Miles by Bobbi Rush is all about some kind of growth. Around the time we, my self and Micah E. Wood, began listening, sharing ideas and setting dates, I’d slowed down on singing. I felt I had nothing to say. So I just read and wrote. This EP is also about love and the magic of showing up for the things you wish to create. Each time we got together to possibly lay a song, the words and melodies just came spilling out.

Insights by Bobbi Rush; courtesy of the artist.

It always felt good. It was a sound I’d been feeling, growing but just didn’t know where it would come from. I’m happy I got the chance to sing new songs. Just to say they’re mine, especially. Thank you again, to Micah E. Wood for his writing and producing this album, to JPEGMAFIA for his writing and production. To Andrew Russell our engineer for this project. And Owen Ross who played some guitar. Also I want to give love to Audrey Gatewood. She directed, shot and edited the video I just released for my song ISLAND from the Miles EP. I’m thankful. My hope is too, enjoyment and more.

Be Good.

Bobbi Rush’s Miles EP is available now.

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