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Fort Worth's next top supermodels—Joe Gorgeous; photographed by Ben Wilbanks.

Joe Gorgeous

Standing pretty at your doorstep with Joe Gorgeous; photographed by Ben Wilbanks.

Times of trial & tribulation truly test the strength & resolve of the human spirit. For the creatively inclined it can prove to be an era of great catharsis by coping with difficulties & loss by channeling aches & energy into new sessions & styles of aesthetic designs. Exemplary of this is Fort Worth’s Joe Gorgeous as they announce the forthcoming debut album Life In The Faust Lane with the world premiere for “Wet Cement”. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jordan Richardson at Electric Barryland in Justin, Texas; Joe (Gorgeous) Gorman, Matthew Gibbons (aka Mr. Hell), Noah Hall (aka Lil Cupcakes) & Ricky “Ronin Down a Dream” Wiliford combine their talents & passions to upend the uphill struggles to deliver a musical testament to perseverance in the name of banding together to keep bonds between friends & family even tighter. And the result is a group that greets life’s obstacles & hardships with heads held high along with eyes & ears set steadfast on greater things-exhibiting all of these tenets & pursuits in a sound that grows more urgent, vigilant & diligent over time.

The always evolving Joe Gorgeous sound is the art of creating something that is even greater than the band itself. “Wet Cement” showcases the band in a light that adheres to all the great counter—culture styles of previous pop rock movements recorded in the annals of history. Working with a metaphor that is synonymous with subjects of quicksand & other sinking-feeling situations; Joe Gorgeous’s “Wet Cement” engages in the existential aspects of angst with a lyrical chorus allusion to the Japanese samurai code of bushido. The feeling of walking on unfinished pavement of fresh, un-dried concrete entertains the notion of uncertainty that defines the life cycle of events that make up the human experience. Through a fully throttled sound & a wealth of well-arranged chord progressions; Joe Gorgeous delivers a big crisp presentation of guitar pop to keep us all inspired & hopeful amid our own respective hours of darkness & times of need. “Wet Cement” is a track dedicated to all of us as we navigate through the collision-courses & pratfalls of life as the group brings the big-time catharsis of primal scream therapy that closes out the single with alliterations of you never know… that finds Joe Gorman belting out the lyrics with every ounce his lungs can muster.

Southwest sons of angst & anarchy—Joe Gorgeous; photographed by Ben Wilbanks.

Joe Gorgeous’s own Joe Gorman took the time to chat with us in recent weeks about the new album Life in the Faust Lane & the fresh single “Wet Cement”:

What was it like recording Life in the Faust Lane with Jordan Richardson recorded at Electric Barryland in Justin, Texas?

I honestly believe the day Jordan flew back from Los Angeles/began his extensive and soon to be prolific work with the bands around Fort Worth is when the scene truly began to friggin pop.

This LP is actually my third time working with him on a project out at Barry Land in the last like seven-ish years. It’s my favorite thing to do…in the best place to do it.

Actually. the very first time I ever worked with him I was like 15 and he was interning at a studio called Fort Worth Sound. And my band, The Underpaid Heros (spelled like that) was my cruddy band from Cleburne High School. We won a battle of the bands completely based on how many people said they were there to see us. It’s easy to promote a show inside of a high school, its a small ecosystem. The prize was like 8 hours at fort worth sound studio…and the rest is history [laughs]!

What did you take away from this writing & recording experience?

Sometimes starting a band…or joining one…or agreeing to be a part of something like that in anyway…it can feel premeditated. It feels like you’ve been given the thumbs up after a casting audition. In those scenarios most of the process usually has nothing to do with music…though all variables involved usually do a good job of pretending. During these sessions, this writing and recording experience is the exact opposite of pretend. Recording this single and diving into this record with the best band with the best producer I can imagine—I’ve taken away the learned lesson of “Don’t Force Shit”. Letting this happen has been the best experience in my rock & roll career [laughs].

Bringing the glamor & the grooves with Joey Gorman of Joe Gorgeous; photographed by live by Garrett Smith.

What events inspired the anthemic & righteous energy of “Wet Cement”?

All kinds of shit. First of all this is the first track we have recorded with Ricky. Which made EVERY bit of difference. Honestly the song didn’t fully make sense to me as a full thought or idea until he tracked the lead parts, especially the parts playing along with the vocals. Noah And Baggins KILLED the rhythm parts in their signature heavy, spacious fashion. And the progression is essentially an homage to the power chord [laughs].

As far as the lyrics & delivery, everything was rushed in the right way. I usually tend to shove as many words into verses as I can, but this time I just wanted the words to paint some type of angst or feeling that I was feeling. It orbits every lesson in patience I’ve ever learned…but inevitably its explosion feels like its visible from space.

Sitting pretty with Joe Gorgeous; photographed by Ben Wilbanks.

Tell us about everything happening in between the recent SPLITTER split with Hooveriii to the creation of Life in the Faust Lane.

Wont lie to ya..its been every bit of a heavy year, straight up. Splitter was officially released in late January 2017. So I guess its essentially been a year. We went to LA after the release and played a few shows out there with Hooveriii and some other Mock Records fam. It was a jam packed year of shows for sure.

Actually in late June, after a long battle with a few medical issues my Mom passed away. I know thats super heavy to just lay out in a song premiere interview, but its big part of how everything has been shaping out in the sessions. Cosmic as hell. No one is ever prepared for something like that, but thanks to family, friends and this band I’ve been able to understand it as opposed to fear and hate it.

how were you able to process & cope with such a loss creatively & how were you able to channel those earth shattering feelings into something constructive?

It seemed proper while mourning to continue on, especially musically, without missing a step. In honor of what I know mom would’ve wanted.

What have you been listening to lately this past winter?

ASTRONAUTALIS’ Cut The Body Loose album & A. Savage’s Thawing Dawn album. Rinse. Repeat.

Out of the blur with Joe Gorgeous’s Joey Gorman; photographed by Garrett Smith.

What’s good right now in Fort Worth, Texas?

Kids are still hungry. New clubs. New bands and songwriters. The love is as real as the struggle. Its home. But we are finally seeing kids get the effffff out on tour!

Spring & summer plans for Joe Gorgeous?

We are gonna be writing and recording the remainder of both the spring and the summer. Pushing to release the L.P. during the winter preceded by an east coast tour/followed by some west coast shows.

Parting words of wisdom & advice?


The upcoming Joe Gorgeous album Life in the Faust Lane will be available soon.

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