Week in Pop: Dreamend, Joe Gorgeous, lojii

Sjimon Gompers

Fort Worth's next top supermodels—Joe Gorgeous; photographed by Ben Wilbanks.

Cool Calm Chrys

The cool, cool world of Cool Calm Chrys; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Cool Calm Chrys remains on a streak of pure, unbound proliferation. Emerging from Mid-City out of Los Angeles, the member of 93 Bulls continues to spread the word of the upcoming labor of love So Far, So Far Out EP arriving soon sharing the world premiere of the inspiring single “Accolades” produced by Jon Siebels. Following hot on the heels of the world championship single “Starrcade ’85” ft. Eight Badges, Chrys keeps elevating his game by hoisting the bar up higher while dropping bars with a delivery that soars as high as the SoCal sun.

“Accolades” arrives with plenty of brass & cool-collected attitudes with a rhythm section that is not your grandpa’s boom-bap. A song dedicated to the artist’s father, Cool Calm Chrys illustrates an ultra-upbeat mode of confidence in his work & a profound appreciation for community, family & friends that have contributed influences & cavalcades of inspirations. Chrys takes all the praise received thus far in his rising musical career & shares the proverbial “Accolades” with everyone that has accompanied him on the creative journey. From those hey that’s me moments of receiving glowing press, to recognizing all the good folks that have been there since day one—CCC offers a song that edifies & thanks everyone & everything around him in a spirited song of appreciation that moves well past the point of bravado that shares the sweet sentiments of success. “Accolades” observes accomplishment as a shared endeavor that spreads around the sensations of joy & gratitude to all while keeping the world anticipating the upcoming solo EP.

Stepping into the stage lights with 93 Bulls’ own Cool Calm Chrys; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Cool Calm Chrys provided some exclusive reflections on the new single with the following thoughts:

“Accolades” is a simple track really. I started this musical journey only two years ago with 93 Bulls at a time when I didn’t have much belief in my own personal abilities. That experience really brought a new outlook on my own personal life as well as esteem. From releasing songs that have done decent numbers, to performing at three shows, one of them being the amazing Noise Pop festival; this journey has been awe inspiring to say the least. I’ve had people tell me that what I write is important and that I have a genuine talent at weaving words into Jackson Pollock-esque art. For the first time since I was a kid graduating middle school, I actually felt like I’m getting some praise. This song was the first song I wrote for my solo EP So Far, So Far Out and it is an apt assessment of the current chapter in my life. As of late, I’ve been hearing nothing but good things. From friends, family, and fans alike. This was my way of taking that praise and materializing it into something tangible. I just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone who’s said something positive about this experience. You’ve shaped my life deeply and sixteen bars doesn’t do you justice. But shit, it’s worth a try [laughs].

Single cover for Cool Calm Chrys’s single “Accolades” that depicts the artist’s pops; courtesy of the artist.

Cool Calm Chrys’s new single “Accolades” is available now everywhere with the upcoming solo EP So Far, So Far Out will be available soon.

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