Week in Pop: Dreamend, Joe Gorgeous, lojii

Sjimon Gompers

Fort Worth's next top supermodels—Joe Gorgeous; photographed by Ben Wilbanks.

A Deer A Horse

Following up last year’s lauded Backswimmer EP; Brooklyn’s A Deer A Horse bring us a listen to their new GP Stripes cassingle “Cold Shoulder”, accompanied by some exclusive insights. Rebecca Satellite, Angela Phillips and Dylan Teggart have been honing in on creating a sound that grows exponentially larger, louder, prouder, bigger & badder with each release that makes the group one of the most fierce in the music game. Created & minted at Silver Cord Studio, Spaceman Sound & Bonati Mastering; the NYC band brings a high-octane song guaranteed to knock you out of the easy chair & into the pit.

“Cold Shoulder” is a jagged foray into the overwhelming anxiety that life in NYC can induce in anyone juggling life-pursuits. A Deer A Horse take us on a hyper-tour through the dive & dim lit venues as the accumulated stressors are fashioned into the driving rhythm guitar at the center of the song. The cold feels beyond the icy glances & treatment from others blazes with a fury through all the odds that are stacked high against you. The culmination of factors from financial pressures, academic weights, job hustling, bills and more accelerate the group’s ferocious delivery that channels a volition like none-other with a presence of power & strength that must be heard to be felt & understood.

A Deer A Horse shared the following exclusive & insightful introduction to the new single:

I wrote the lyrics to “Cold Shoulder” when I was feeling overwhelmed with balancing my day-job, the band and a ton of college debt; a common theme for many people my age who graduated college into the recession. New York is a pretty ruthless place and it can feel very cold. It’s a place that will chug along without you just fine, so you sometimes get the feeling of being expendable. The song focuses on a life that has lost all sense of control. It’s a world where the dog walks you, the cards cheat you, the job kills you, the mouth feeds you. Feeling buried by debt and work, you become a passive participant in your own life.

A Deer A Horse’s new single “Cold Shoulder” is available now everywhere with cover artwork & layout by Rachel R. Adler from Hatchcomic.

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