Darkwing, “Ignorant Ghost”

If you’re familiar with the Brooklyn music scene, chances are you’ve caught one of its most promising purveyors of all things fuzzy in Darkwing. The band has been prepping some new material of late with standalone single “Ignorant Ghost” just released.

Darkwing’s front-person Richard Rogers shares, “I was seeing this girl and then she ghosted me. It was impressive actually. So I was feeling bad about that and wrote this song as a sort of healing therapy, like I told myself that I got away from her and not the other way around. These kinds of songs are almost automatic responses to emotional discomfort. Reflex.”

Check out Darkwing’s “Ignorant Ghost” and check it out on streaming here.

Darkwing Tour Dates:

26 July – Dwell (w/Grace Vonderkuhn); Washington, DC
27 July – Kobol (w/Grace Vonderkuhn); Philadelphia, PA
28 July – Alphaville (w/Grace Vonderkuhn); New York, NY
17 August – Our Wicked Lady; Brooklyn, NY