Prabal Gurung at Fashion Week Fall '11

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Glimmer of Madness

Prabal Gurung's inspiration was the girl Miss Havisham once was, before she lost her mind.

In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham has attempted to freeze time ever since her lover abandoned her on the day of their wedding.

Dark make up around the eyes and some color strips in the hair provide a hint of what may, one day, become insanity.

Anna Wintour visits backstage before the show

Gloves were designed by Carolina Amato and Daniel Storto

The first look before lights went on, comparable to John Singer Sargents' painting The Parisian Beggar Girl, which was a key aesthetic inspiration.

Photos by Kashish Das Shrestha. Design & Text by Sarahana

If you heard 'em say Prabal is making fashion serious again, you heard' em right!