Hot Plates Live! MetroMix's food tasting event

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Metromix New York's food tasting event, “Hot Plates Live!” returned to Brooklyn last night, and I ate more than should be allowed. Eleven new food enterprises were showcased; all welcoming and generous, and it was nice to see some of the chefs proudly serve their food.

Let's start with my favorite tables:

#3: Branded Saloon

Pulled Pork on Corn Chip

Tasty, crunchy.

Pulled Pork by Branded Saloon

Branded Saloon

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Any easy favorite. This was the only dessert in the room, and it came strong — with Jack Daniel's. I had two. I was encouraged to have more.

Bourbon Pecan Pie by Branded Saloon

Branded Saloon

Branded Saloon is at 603 Vanderbilt Avenue. Their menu also offers bourbon glazed chicken wings!

#2: 1 or 8

Hamachi Ceviche and Braised Beef Short Rib Pate with Rice Salad

The most sophisticated table; this plate had a full range of textures and flavors. The ceviche was the most refreshing bite.

1 or 8 Plate

1 or 8

1 or 8

1 or 8 is at 66 S. 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY

#1: Radish

Long Island Pulled Duck with Housemade Kimchi

Radish is a specialty food store that sells freshly prepared food. Their table came closest to feeling like comfort food, and this pulled duck spoon was my favorite of all. The tiny bite was a whirlwind of flavors: strong cilantro lead, crunchy kimchi with all its mighty flavors, and the carrot came in the end almost like a surprise—I'd never appreciated cooked carrot before this meal; and the duck held it all together.

Pulled Dock with Kimchi by Radish

Zucchini Pappardelle with Chanterelles & Olive Pesto

No match for the pulled duck, but this veggie delight was handsome, healthy and tasty.

Zucchini Pappardelle by Radish

Radish is at 158 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

And now for the rest:

Osteria Il Paiolo

Gnoochi Alla Bolognese

Gnoochi Alla Bolognese by Osteria Il Paiolo

Vitello Tonnato

Vitello Tonnato by Osteria Il Paiolo


Focaccia by Osteria Il Paiolo

Mile End

Black Angus Brisket

The meat was great, but the dash of mustard on the bread doesn't do much. Wish there was a bit more to the combination.

Black Angus Brisket by Mile End

MIle End

Mile End's brisket

Mile End is at 97A Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY

Fornino Park Slope

Shrimp with White Beans

A bit bland and one-note texture for my taste, but these looked the cutest.

Shrim with White Beans by Fornino Park Slope

Fornino Park Slope is at 254 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Pastrami-style short rib, truffled sauerkraut, rye bread

A lot more punchier than the Mile End sample, thanks to the truffled sauerkraut. The flavor in the meat was bolder too.

Pastrami style short rib by Benchmark


Benchmark is at 339A 2nd Street at 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Mode Bistro

Tuna Tartare on a homemade potato chip

There were only a few more chips left on this table when we got to it. As I was eyeing it to see if they were already closed, the person I assume was the chef lunged forward to tell us what his table was offering. The excitement was contagious.

Tuna Tartare by Mode Bistro

Salmon Tartare on a homemade potato chip

The salmon version was definitely superior.

Salmon Tartare by Mode Bistro

Mode Bistro is at 116 N. 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY

St. Anselm

Humble pie
with pork liver, pork shoulder, pork kidney on saffron creme fraiche

Humble Pie by St. Anselm

I couldn't help asking the chef what the reason was behind picking this daring dish.
He said the recipe originated in the medieval age, but also that
most of the restaurant's food is deep fried, making this one the most

St. Anselm is at 355 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Blue Bottle Coffee

New Orleans Iced Coffee

I saved this one for the last. Top notch coffee!

New Orleans coffee by Blue Bottle Coffee

Kyoto Iced Coffee

Though I didn't try this one, I was told it, too, was top notch.

Kyoto Iced Coffee by Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is at 160 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY


We missed out on these guys! Their stuff was all gone by the time we got to it.

Carino is at 82 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks Metromix. Until the next tasting!