Gabriel Mervine Quartet – “Quickie”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Denver-based jazz band unleashes stunning, tight-knit new groove

Despite what music connoisseurs believe, jazz and funk still hold a place in the midst of the chaotic music scene that never ceases to expand. Granted, listeners often need to do a little searching to find the diamonds in the rough. The rewards are endless when they do. For example, the Gabriel Mervine Quartet is not only a foursome of talented muses, but purveyors of the genre that polish it up well for 2019 and beyond. With the release of their latest single “Quickie” this month via Color Red, it is hard not to get down with the groove.

Fans of the soul-jazz and funk genres will instantly recognize the name Gabriel Mervine as both a solo artist and exceptional former member of the hit band The Motet. Now, with his Denver contemporaries Alejandro Castaño, Alex Heffron and Tom Amend, Gabriel truly celebrates the craft with remarkable tunes across the spectrum. “Quickie” is a perfect example of their place within. In fact, the song itself was made in less than ten minutes, holding true to its name!

Optimistic horns greet the listener from the get-go. A memorable rhythm begins to take hold with various solos that pop up to strengthen the versatility of the quartet. That delightful organ sends waves of exhilaration leading into the copious horn solos at hand. Every time the listener replays the track, more enlightened discoveries are made. Gabriel and his team unleash a road map for the music fan to explore with relish. A lilting trumpet shifts the game as deeper tones are unveiled, supported by the rapid drum beats that follow. “Quickie” is not a song a listener will soon forget. Listen to it below.