Longmont Potion Castle 11 is coming soon

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Longmont Potion Castle 11

It's nearly unfathomable to think that Longmont Potion Castle, the pseudonym of an anonymous prank caller based in Denver and Los Angeles, has been duping phone lines of unsuspecting businesses, neighbors, and even celebrities for 27 years. And yet, here we are anticipating the release of his eleventh volume of prank calls.

LPC and D.U. Records released “Teary Eyed” on Youtube today and announced the June 6 release of Longmont Potion Castle 11. The 11-minute collection of tear duct-related inquiries to over a dozen phones ranges from enjoyment to violent rage on the other end of the line as LPC warps his voice and generally infuriates people with his passive agressive tone. In his quest to get more tear production, he calls a physics professor at the University of Minnesota and a series of numbers he claims to have acquired from the postmaster. Unfortunately for LPC, his neighbors can't seem to respond in a neighborly manner. Society has clearly gone to shit when it comes to community and taking a man with a tear deficiency seriously.

Preorder LPC 11 at the Longmont Potion Castle website.