Looms, Madam West, American Darlings & Shining Mirrors Played The Secret Loft

Words + Photos by: Mike Petzinger

Last weekend, Looms, Madam West, American Darling and Shining Mirrors joined forces for an “ask a punk” show in NYC. This was one of the most friendly and fun shows I have been to in a while, and definitely not the kind of show I ever expect to find in Manhattan these days. The Secret Loft is very much a DIY venue in all respects, and if last Saturday night was any indication, they definitely know how to put on a show.
The sound, lighting, and general vibe were all killer. Everyone that I talked to while there was having a great time, concert-goer and venue staff alike, and the whole evening had a super positive feel to it.
Though in the middle of the city, it totally nailed the intimate house-show environment. I am certainly looking forward to hitting some more shows there in the future.
Check out my shots of all four bands below.
Shining Mirrors

American Darlings

Madam West