Michael Richard Klics, “Resort Town”

A little over a year ago, Impose Magazine featured the LA-based artist Michael Richard Klics (fka Night Click). Now, Klics is releasing his debut single under his own name, “Resort Town,” and we’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of it today.

On the track, Klics brings that enveloping sense of comfort which also, for some, stokes anxiety in sitting at a hotel bar watching the world go by. What’s supposed to be a getaway from the stresses of the world serves as a strange opportunity to magnify those thoughts. In this life, can one truly get away from it all? Paired with a breezy composition, Klics conjures a soundtrack for just this sort of existential crisis.

Klics shares: “It’s sort of a dreamy hypnotic track about a vacation gone awry. The setting, a nameless resort town, becomes a sort of purgatory for the characters in the song. In my mind, it’s more of an undefined place where time doesn’t pass in the normal way.”

Stream Michael Richard Klics’ “Resort Town” below and look for more from the artist here.