9th Wonder's weak ass drums debase the Based God

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Lil B

I never liked 9th Wonder. I'm so sincere in my distaste for his soft batch cookie drums to a point that I can't even set aside our differing opinions of drums to commend him for his contributions to hip hop in academia. I can only cringe at the possibility of him poisoning a new generation to leave out the knock and trunk rattle.

“Figures” was my immediate reaction to Lil' B's collaboration with 9th Wonder. Only 9th fuggin' Wonder could take the slap out of the Based God and Flavor Flav shouting “Bass for your face” in one dulling swoop. I won't even acknowledge Jean Grae and Phonte's presence on this record. My chief concern is 9th Wonder's belligerent disregard bass and drums that rumble. You just collaborated with the Based God and the best you could come up with is more of your “adult contemporary hip hop” bullchit? What a fuggin' waste.

Remix this shiiiiiit with some goddamned bass like Flavor Flav wants it, ASAP.

Lil B' “Base For Your Face” (feat. Jean Grae & Phonte)