Al Lover's Cave Music Mixtape

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Cave Music Mixtape

Al Lover continues to be the Roky Erikson of the MPC (we'll bang you over the head with this comparison if we have to) on his chopped & screwed collection, Cave Music mixtape. Although this outing is more of a Roky records in the hands of DJ Screw experience. These are the sort of dangerous machinations that cause bad trips and crooked, damaged smiles looking up from vomit pools. Clocking in at 47-minutes, Cave Music dips this year's finest in psych-rock vinyl in a vat of maple syrup and puts the needle down. The result is Mikal Cronin's “Get Along” feeling less like a charmer's psalm and more like a boozy flail, while Thee Oh Sees' “Contraption/Soul Desert” feels like the voices in Syd Barrett's skull escaped and are wreaking havoc in a studio with Phil Spector at the helm. The entire tape has some blistering wall-of-sound effect uniting the scuzzy collection and well, we don't reccomend jamming this with a headful of acid – you might never return.

Stay high with caution.

Download Cave Music here.