Squadda B, Back $ellin' Crack

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Squadda B Back Sellin Crack

Squadda B's Back $ellin' Crack mixtape was not supposed to drop until 2012, which drastically alters our anticipation for the first quarter, but we are, by no means, complaining. The presence of this mixtape further confirms Danny Brown's selection for Main Attrakionz to be declared Rappers of the Year. Squadda B proves that even after a gang of group albums with partner-in-crime Mondre M.A.N. and a solo outing called I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death, he was far from done with 2011 or exhausted by the output.

Back $ellin' Crack is neither a collection of loosies nor gives the impression it was tossed together in haste on the small chance the world ends in the 25th hour of December 31. The mixtape furthers the Greenova cloud sounds as Squadda B flexes a back to basics mentality over the hazy vibes of production from Skywlkr, Nem270, YS and Juney June. We're not sure how else to tell you this, but Back $ellin' Crack is pretty incredible simply for the use of Fleetwood Mac's “Landslide” on “Cream Soda”. Yeah… Fleetwood… over hip hop… 2011 was a strange year.

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