Al Lover, Unearthed Remixes

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It was the remix that first garnered attention towards Al Lover‘s work behind the boards. There was a bit of infamy in those days, some psychedelic minds weren’t as open as they claimed, while others like Tim Presley of White Fence embraced the rework of “Sticky Fruitman Has Faith”. He would later appear on “Snake Hands” from Al Lover’s “Vodun Moon” 7″. His remixes earned him peers in psych music and a permanent home to run wild with the Austin Pysch Fest camp. Al Lover still gets the pushback though, which is why he’s compiled this collection of mostly commissioned but never released remixes.

Future Islands, The Coathangers, The Growlers, and even Drake gets remixed by Al Lover on Unearthed Remixes. Remixes like RBTS Win’s “Death Magick” devolve to downtempo levels as both a departure for Al Lover’s trademark work and a recontextualization of its psych pop origins. Z-Man pours a little codeine on “Yeah That’s The Rellie”, but in Al Lover’s version its a DMT-vision quest with shamans busting b-boy head spins. It’s a back to basics collection, that rekindles the psych rap origins that he’s kept at bay to explore drone and ambient. Unearthed Remixes let’s the old heads know, Al Lover is still got a deep cache of buzzsaw riffs and crusty drum loops to put the boom bap into technicolor dream worlds.

Stream and download Unearthed Remixes at Al Lover’s Bandcamp.