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Andy Boay

When not performing as one half of Montreal's freaky psych pop group Tonstartssbandht, Andy White records music as Andy Boay. His latest tape, In The Light, proves that White is able to defy genre and blow minds with his sonic skills regardless of which moniker or project he is working on. In The Light was recorded between November 2011 and January 2013, while White split his time between Montreal, New York, and Orlando. Though his words are most often incomprehensible and buried beneath distortion and fuzz, White translates the urgency and passion of his emotions through exhilarating, layered melodies that create their own wordless narrative.

White says of the album: “The suites are inspired by my quest for a completely live solo performance with shifting dynamics and a lushly diverse sound palette. The jams are drawn together by very simplistic and circular melodic themes and the natural urgency of the live recorded session. Much of the album was recorded in single takes during afternoon rehearsals at home, wherever that may have been during a certain season. The songs are about your embarrassing little brain and your wise old heart.”

Andy Boay's In The Light is out now and available via Bandcamp.