Andy Human, “Land of the Dinosaurs”

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Andy Human Freeze LP

Andy Human has fallen out of touch on “Land of the Dinosaurs”. The Oakland boy just wasn't made for these times. It's a striking dilemma he's explored since his band LENZ's “Leaving (The 21st Century)” 7″. Andy Human is not interested in iPads, condominiums on Mars, robot pets, and music genres with the word “wave” tagged on the end.

“Land of Dinosaurs” was recorded with the luster of glam, warm and fuzzy, so Andy Human could be a man out of time. He's discombobulated to the extreme. Uncertain of his gender, unfamiliar with all the faces, and disinterested with the state of affairs, Andy Human lends no clues as to where things might be better. We would argue that he's just a rude Gus for not offering alternatives or insight into where things might be better, but “Land of Dinosaurs” is the opening track to his Freeze LP, giving him nine tracks to seek a solution.

Andy Human's Freeze LP is out now on Chromewaves Radio Records.