A$AP Mob, Lord$ Never Worry

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A$AP Mob

Getting to know the extended family of the A$AP Mob is a daunting task. The A$AP Mob mixtape, Lord$ Never Worry, serves as a beautillion ball for the pretty motherfuckers from Harlem. A$AP Rocky handles the introduction with “Thuggin' Noise” and the first verse of “Full Metal Jacket” before turning the reigns to his crew. Fully-loaded with blunted and syrupy production that's haunted by A$AP Baritone Gho$t (the unsung hero of the mixtape), Lord$ Never Worry is night life music front to back. Whether your drunk-driving a sleak rental, 20-deep in a limousine, snowed-out in a penthouse, or huddled in an apartment bathroom over a pocket mirrror, while the bass thumps from the living room, this is your soundtrack.

Lord$ Never Worry is best heard after two rails mixed with bath salts, two cups of lean, two blunts, while sitting in between two white bitches. That's what we've gathered after two-and-a-half listens through the mixtape.

A$AP Mob, “Underground Killa$ (feat. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Raekwon)

A$AP Mob, “Freeze” (feat. A$AP Rocky & Jim Jones)

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