Anticon youth-enizes the roster

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Young Fathers

Anticon Records has been around a pretty long time–since 1998 in fact. The label broke ground early on with their Anticon Collective, bringing their unique aesthetic to hip-hop. Then, more recently, they found success a few years back with artists like Baths and Why?. However, nothing too astounding has been released since.

Anticon is an old dog, and in attempt to learn some new tricks, the label has signed some youthful talent. This includes dark producer D33J and crunchy trio Young Fathers. These two artists fit in with Anticon's avant-garde hip-hop reputation, and might even be a little more innovative than the label has had recently shown. D33J is a part of the Wedidit Collective, who are associated with Shlohmo, and his dark, grimy remixes are the perfect soundtrack to your upcoming Halloween party.

Young Father's play into the recent trend of super compressed beats and diverse vocals, and the group makes you forget they're actually from Scotland.

Young Fathers' Tape One is out December 11 on Anticon.