Approved Theft: Kptmichigan and Son, Home/Away

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Do you like Rock & Roll? Then go away.

Kptmichigan, whose last self-titled 2004 Aesthetics release is frankly awesome, was collaborator with Schneider TM in the far gone year of 2003 on track “The Light 3000”, a cover of a certain legendary Smiths paean that mopes about getting insufficient touch. This month he released a mini-album of granular noise processed from field recordings with collaborator Son, a guy I can't say I know anything about, but who in real life marches under yet another obfuscatory banner of mystery with the name Sergej. Recently the good Kpt. (a.k.a. Michael Beckett), along with his fellow supernaut-into-psychedelia Schneider TM (a.k.a. Dirk Dresselhaus) have been releasing their various past and present projects digitally via their label/site MirrorWorldMusic, which is where you'll have to go to download this slab of RAID inventory.

I would say something more about this recording, but ours is not to judge. Ours is to engage in the death-drive imperative to enjoy that capitalism demands of us! Download! It's free!