Bad History Month, “Staring At My Hands”

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We're pretty sure anyone familiar with Exploding in Sound Records have listened to the Boston DIY punk duo, Fat History Month. However, with a simple switch of an adjectives, singer/guitarist Jeff Meff is out to confuse even the most ardent of followers. The outcome is Meff's solo-project Bad History Month, and one of his first recordings as a one-man band, “Staring At My Hands” is the first single from an upcoming split with Dust From 1000 Years. The track is a stripped-down existential whammy. Set against simple piano, drums, and guitar, Meff sings “Staring at my hands and picturing them decomposing / Feeling my existence as a ripple in an endless ocean / Not even a drop, I will take no substance with me when I'm gone / Because my body's the same as the sea.” While the track focuses on feelings of smallness and the ephemerality of life, it's persuasion that a permanence of the Bad might be in order for Meff.

The Bad History Month / Dust From 1000 Years Famous Cigarettes split is due out June 10 on Exploding In Sound with a vinyl release on Limited Appeal to follow. Stream “Staring At My Hands” below.