Beasties with Nas + Matt & Kim

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Beastie Boys

We are currently the dictionary definition of the word: SPASTIC!

First off, the Beastie Boys brought a special guest to Bonnaroo:

Word on the internets is this song is called “Too Many Rappers.” Hopefully, the recorded version includes that 4ill Mixmaster Mike scratch routine that gets cut off on the video.

You may have heard about the surprise 45″'s that came with the reissues of Check Your Head a few months back. The records included an a capella called “B-Boys In the Cut.”

Beastie Boys, “B-Boys In The Cut” (A Capella)

A few weeks ago this instrumental was released:

Beastie Boys, “B-Boys In The Cut” (Instrumental)

With a little bit of magic, whaa-la:

Beastie Boys, “B-Boys In the Cut”

Meanwhile, The Hood Internet continues to be gifted remixers that keep on giving. Last week, vintage Beastie Boys time traveled to now to hang out with indie cutie-pies Matthew & Kimberly. This may be a little old, but it aint stale yet:

The Hood Internet, “Good Ol' Fasion Rump Shaker”