Beat Radio, “Dreaming Wide Awake”

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Beat Radio are the indie pop romantic transmissions of passion from Brian Sendrowitz who premieres his new single “Dreaming Wide Awake” from the forthcoming Awkward For Life album Hard Times, Go!. We heard the recent album opener “Hurricane XO” that navigates through the heart of both personal and sonic storms as today's debut conjures up a cupid-struck-dream-state that rips out the selector switch that divides between an alarm clock's sleep and radio modes. Having given us the previous vast sound-sewn waters of The Great Big Sea, Safe Inside the Sound, Golden Age and numerous demos; Sendrowitz takes on the world's challenges with the heart-song valor of Hard Times, Go! recorded in his Bellmore, NY home studio.

The guitars egg on the fluttering synthesizer pinwheel bouquet that creates the sense of new beginnings. The opening setting of ballroom signals and repeated eye locks from short distances closes crevices, gaps and voids as the song's couple find new discoveries after an evening of playing it coy. “I've been thinking of that moment my eyes met yours, after hours stealing glances from across the floor, then we're talking standing closer and losing track of time, when we go I don't think twice before I take your hand in mind”.

Keeping the awake-and-walking-through-dreams story in pace, the narrative moves like a daybreak stroll along the edge of reason in a lakeside town before the rest of the town awakes. “Feels like dreaming wide awake and there's a no one else around, kiss you in the tall grass under the weeping willow tree, put my arms around your hips and I pull you close to me”. Like the reckless abandon of park-side-P.D.A.s; the shelter of overgrown foliage and early hour advantage gives the new lovers a fresh, wide awake start in a dream world that is theirs to embrace.

In the song's confessional break down toward the end, Brian wears his heart-thought feelings on a long sleeve of honest reckoning of desire and recognizing a moment larger than fear itself.”I was frightened before, I was stumbling around in the dark, and I never wanted anything more, but I didn't even know my heart”. The soul searching finds a companionship where the past melts like salt on snow on a winter's path. “I was busy making plans there were things that I wasn't ready to face, now is the only time and this is the only place,” as a cameo of distorted-jagged synths are interjected before the alliterative key swells kick back in.

The central waking moment is illustrated in the chorus of, “And everything I know is going to change and now it's hard to tell where things fit in, but now I feel my heart beating faster in a state I've never been”. This statement conveys a conscious level of being while in the grips of enamored states that recognizes the road to the present, inexplicable uncertainties, life's evolutions and the love-struck moment of new sensations that were never known pior.

The new Beat Radio album Hard Times, Go! will be available February 19 on limited edition 150 grams of your choice of red or clear 12” vinyl from Awkward For Life Records.