Fat History Month, “Bad History Month”

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Fat History Month

Fat History Month’s Bad History Month is the self-proclaimed tragedy album from the calendar-chucking Boston champs. Fat History Month describe their new release as:

Another heady conceptual brew from everyone's favorite nonalcoholic joke band that takes itself way too seriously. Bad History not only means more songs about your Horrible Family, but it also refers to a feeling of ridiculously overblown and pathetic self- hatred, as in the case of that famous cowboy who, after falling off his horse, couldn't help feeling that in a previous life, he had been the first human to kill and eat a Neanderthal, an act which singled him out as the real life root cause of Original Sin, which has been borne throughout the ages by all of humanity ever since.

What the hell was that, you ask? Yes, exactly. Fat History Month are loose and strange in all the right places, creating unexpected and epic freak folk with a real rockin’ rumble, ala the album’s title track and first single, “Bad History Month.” Like Pavement on acid, FHM builds weird phrases and open metaphors into a deadbeat vocal and never-quite- released beat, chugging and bugging.

Bad History Month is due out April 1 through Sophomore Lounge/Exploding In Sound Records.