Big Baby Gandhi, No 1 2 Look Up 2

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Big Baby Ghandi

Big Baby Gandhi is a loud-mouth. It's a trait that can be an off-putting first impression. The ego-trip is alledgely due to Heems telling Gandhi he's a phenomenon. The endorsement went to his head and Nafis Islam went from being a quiet Indian dude from Queens who kicks it with Das, to the Greedhead protegé known as Big Baby Gandhi. On “Drink A Lil Pepsi”, Ghandi states he's one of two real rappers, the other being Lil' B. Using Lil' B as the litmus for “real”, Gandhi legitimizes his style. If you're unwilling to accept him as a rapper, then much like Lil' B haters you're walking the line between being wise and being close-minded.

No 1 2 Look Up 2 is impressive in its ability to be entirely in its own world. He's down with Das, but raps nothing like the homies. He enlists a few of their producers (Mike Finito, Steel Tipped Dove, Cutty Carmichael), but it's nothing like the Lakutis I'm In The Forest EP or Heems' Nehru Jackets. Gandhi's sound is a weird carnival of disco lights, east Indian bounce, 80's pop warpings and the grimiest sounds from Queens. Much like Danny Brown, he's got a multi-faceted delivery that can be difficult to digest at its most animated, but let it sink in. Do not let Gandhi's screaming enthusiasm stand in the way of his finest moments, which are in abundance.

Big Baby Gandhi, “Blue Magic” (feat. Das Racist)

Download No 1 2 Look Up 2 here.