billy woods & Elucid are Armand Hammer

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Armand Hammer

If Armand Hammer's Half Measures is the prelude mixtape to the official record, then Race Music is potentially in the running for Rap Album Of The Year.

Armand Hammer is the collaborative project of billy woods and Elucid. Both artists have been productive in 2013. woods released Dour Candy, produced entirely by Blockhead, in July and Elucid linked up with A.M. Breakups to form Cult Favorite, releasing For Madmen Only in March. As Armand Hammer the duo mesh their respective bodies of work into a grim vision of New York rap, setting up shop on the darkside of Black Moon. The duo enlist the sonic assistance of Steel Tipped Dove, Blockhead, Uncommon Nasa, and Small Pro (among others) for the instrumental backing of Half Measures. It's clear woods and Elucid are on the same page when it comes to how they want to present Armand Hammer. Half Measures is a cohesive prelude, one we would have gladly accepted as the debut. It sets the bar high for Race Music.

Half Measures features guest appearances by Curly Castro, Has-Lo, Faro, Rob Sonic, Moka Only, and Open Mike Eagle.

Armand Hammer's Race Music is out October 22 on Backwoodz Studioz.