Bird Names, “Another Locked Costume for Your Dreams”

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bird names

The new tape from Vermont's Bird Names is sure to get you feeling a little slower on a day like today. If you close your eyes and tune in carefully, hints of psychedelia and waves of pop nostalgia move through light warped downpours. There's nothing not to love about turning on an album from any point and feeling as if it could very well have started from there. Where is the beginning, where is the middle, where is the end? Ultimately, it doesn't matter with this band's latest, which is titled Naming Names, and is fourteen heavy songs of winding and wandering aura-genred psychrock.

The band's new tape can be bought in two different formats: the normal cassette format (yawn) or hee-haw, a limited edition CD-R that's been hand-painted by Bird Names themselves, and you can pick those up here. Either way, stream our favorite track from the release below, and get a taste for the warp-and-bend that you'll see everpresent on the tape release. C'mon, get groovy.