Boogarins, “Lucifernandis”

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When psych rock is sung in Portuguese, there could be nothing more beautiful or authentic-feeling—from the Brazilian influence of Tropicália and the world of poetic Latin longing that spins beneath its subtle, yearning tones, this is psych rock that finally has a heart again. The American tradition may be to manipulate psych songs with a drug-addled lean, but Boogarins have taken something that we would once zone out to and made it poetry beyond poetry. In the debut track from the Brazilian duo-to-foursome, there is a lightness and a soul that floats high above the homegrown simple tom beats and wah-ed guitar solos. It's fuzzy but sharp with references to nature and its brethren; we can see the colors dancing and they're lulling their way from the South to the North.

Boogarins have just signed to Other Music Recording Co and will release their debut record, As Plantas Que Curam, on October 1.