Gross Relations, “Cut the Final Scene”

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gross relations

If anyone's been keeping up with Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, they might suggest that the dude behind that project is no longer so painfully alone and is instead playing poppy, morphed lo-fi love songs in Gross Relations. There's a hint of that 8-bit, thrift-store-keyboard behind this debut track “Cut the Final Scene” from their upcoming self-titled record, and it plays out with a romantic string of pining lyrics about a girl whose face is like a symphony. It's recommended for lovers of bedroom pop and swing-beat doo wop that's been twisted through a grungy film at the back door of a broken-down DIY venue. This track shakes things up and shows likenesses to Daniel Johnston and Atom & His Package both.

Gross Relations' debut record comes out on Old Flame Records on August 20. Pick that up here and then catch the group at the listed dates below with some of our other indiepop favorites.

24 – Cake Shop – New York, NY (w/ Bent Shapes, Two Inch Astronaut, Butter The Children)
28 – Shea Stadium – Brooklyn, NY (w/ Highness)
04 – Muchmore's – Brooklyn, NY (w/ Teen Age, Chainwave)